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August 29, 2007
Norton AntiVirus 2008 & Norton Internet Security 2008 - Security Update 1


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Norton AntiVirus/Norton Internet Security to download the security update.

Security Update 1 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Banktown ActiveX BO
  • HTTP DXMedia SDK Flashpix ActiveX BO
  • HTTP eCentrex VOIP Client ActiveX BO
  • HTTP IBM Lenevo ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP Infostealer Monstres Activity
  • HTTP LinkedIn Toolbar ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Mediasups Activity
  • HTTP Motive Sam ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP MS VB PD Wizard ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP Sun Java WebStart JNLP BO
  • Microsoft XML Core Services XMLHTTP BO
  • Baidu Soba Search Bar ActiveX BO
  • Macromedia Flash AllowScriptAccess ActiveX DOS
  • Yahoo! Widgets Engine ActiveX BO
  • Yahoo! Messenger Webcam Upload ActiveX BO
  • Yahoo! Messenger Webcam Viewer ActiveX BO

Security Update 1 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • Begin2Search Activity
  • HTTP 2Search Activity
  • HTTP Adblaster Activity
  • HTTP Adlogix Activity
  • Adroar Update Activity
  • HTTP AdultLinks Activity
  • HTTP Axis Camera Control ActiveX BO
  • HTTP BroadcastPC Activity
  • HTTP ExpertAntivirus Activity
  • HTML Domain Name BO (PoC)
  • HTTP MSIE TLI Application ActiveX
  • HTTP MedLoad OCX FileDownload
  • HTTP MS IE VML Fill Method BO
  • HTTP OfferAgent Install RequestHTTP MS RichEdit ObjEmb Code Exec
  • HTTP W.32 Rontokbro Activity
  • HTTP SideSearch Activity
  • ISTBar Agent Activity
  • ISTBar Fav Menu Porn Site Request

Security Update 1 removed coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Info2www CGI Command Exec
  • Gator Request
  • MyWay Buttons Request
  • HTTP Cobalt RAQ Service.cgi BO
  • DAP Daptest Activity
  • ShopAtHome Agent Installation Activity
  • ShopAtHome Bundle Tracking
  • ShopAtHome Agent Registration
  • ShopAtHome Agent Preferences
  • ShopAtHome Agent Image Download
  • Gamespyarcade Version Check
  • GameSpyArcade Requesting StatInfo
  • Mediaticket FileRequest Activity

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