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September 21, 2007
Norton AntiVirus & Norton Internet Security - Security Update 68


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Norton AntiVirus/Norton Internet Security to download the security update.

Security Update 68 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Embed Tag NPDSPlay DLL BO
  • HTTP ACTi Video Controller ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP Apple QuickTime QTL Code Execution
  • HTTP BaoFeng Storm MPS ActiveX BO
  • HTTP EDraw Office Viewer ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP GlobalLink gltemflat ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Iconics Dialog Activex BO
  • HTTP Ultra Crypto CryptoX ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Ultra Crypto SaveToFile ActiveX File Overwrite

Security Update 68 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP BookedSpace Activity
  • CWSIEFEATS Data Transfer
  • HTTP FormMail Cmd Exec
  • HTML WinHelp Item BO
  • HTTP 1st AntiVirus Activity
  • HTTP ABXToolbar Activity
  • Adbars Search Activity
  • HTTP AltaVista DirTraversal
  • HTTP Anaconda Directory Traversal
  • HTTP Quicktime RTSP URI BO
  • HTTP Aurora Activity
  • HTTP MS BizTalk DTA RemoteExec
  • HTTP BroadcastPC Activity
  • HTTP CoolWebSearch Activity 2
  • HTTP DownloadPlus Activity
  • Elitebar Control Information Activity
  • Elitebar Update Activity
  • HTTP Excel MSO Remote Code Exec
  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec (1)
  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec (3)
  • HTTP Excel ShockWave Obj Flash JS Exec
  • HTTP FlashEnhancer Activity
  • HTTP htdig File Disclosure
  • HTTP Iebar Activity
  • HTTP IEHlpr CCNNLC Update Activity
  • HTTP IEHlpr Register Activity
  • IEPlugin Activity
  • HTTP MS IE Help CTRL Local Zone Bypass
  • HTTP MS IIS Showcode ASP Request
  • HTTP Imaut File Download Activity
  • Instafinder Reporting Mistyped URL
  • HTTP LinkedIn Toolbar ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Look2me Activity
  • HTTP LoveFreeGames Activity
  • HTTP Margoc Activity
  • HTTP MatrixSearch Activity
  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec (4)
  • HTTP MoneyGainer Download Activity
  • HTTP MS Excel Unicode HLINK BO
  • HTTP MS CMS Information Disclosure
  • HTTP MS Publisher Malform File Code Exec
  • HTTP MS Virtual Machine Prog Exec
  • HTTP MS Visio Malformed File Code Exec
  • HTTP NewAds Activity
  • HTTP Novell AccessMgr IssueInstat XSS
  • HTTP PHPBB URL Decode SQL Injection
  • HTTP PPStream PowerPlayer ActiveX BO
  • PurityScan Notification Activity
  • HTTP SalesLogix SQL Injection
  • HTTP SGI InfoSearch fname Exec
  • Infostealer Snifula.B HTTP Activity
  • HTTP Surfsidkick Info Upload
  • Tafbar Install File Request
  • HTTP TrustInPopups Activity
  • HTTP Vanish Activity
  • HTTP W32 Relfeer Activity
  • HTTP Webext Install Activity
  • HTTP Winpup Activity
  • HTTP WorldSearch Activity
  • HTTP XunLei WebThunder ActiveX Download
  • HTTP ZQuest Activity
  • HTTP IEDriver Popup Activity
  • ISearch Mistyped URL Hijack Attempt
  • ISTBar Fav Menu Porn Site Request
  • LinkMaker Activity
  • Look2ME Updates
  • HTTP MS IE MSWebDVD Object DoS
  • HTTP MS IIS ASP Source Disclosure
  • HTTP QuickSearch Activity
  • SurfSideKick AutoUpdate Activity
  • HTTP SurfSideKick Installation Activity
  • HTTP MS XP HCP URI Handler Abuse

Security Update 68 removes coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • ISTBar Configuration Request

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