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October 19 2007
Norton AntiVirus 2008 & Norton Internet Security 2008 - Security Update 11


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Norton AntiVirus/Norton Internet Security to download the security update.

Security Update 11 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Atomix MP3 Malformed PLS Playlist BO
  • HTTP Cyberlink PowerDVD ClavSetting File Overwrite
  • HTTP Chilkat Zip Activex File Overwrite
  • HTTP WebMod Auth Cross Site Scripting
  • HTTP Data Dynamics Abar File Overwrite
  • HTTP Data Dynamics Activebar File Overwrite
  • HTTP ebCrypt AddString ActiveX BO
  • HTTP ebCrypt ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP EDraw Office Viewer FtpDownloadFile ActiveX BO
  • HTTP FullRemoteDisplay Dev Kit ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Leadtools SDK ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP Morovia BarCode ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP MS Visual Foxpro Cmd Exec
  • HTTP Nonnoi ASP BarCode ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP Pegasus ImagXpress ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP Pegasus ThumbnailXpress ActiveX File Delete
  • HTTP RealPlayer IERPCtl ActiveX BO
  • HTTP SpyBlocs Activity
  • HTTP Virtual CD VC9API ActiveX Cmd Exec
  • HTTP RealPlayer ActiveX BO

Security Update 11 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • BD Peacomm Trojan
  • HTTP 1st AntiVirus Activity
  • HTTP Chilkat ASP String ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP DXMedia SDK Flashpix ActiveX BO
  • HTTP EDraw Office Viewer ActiveX File Delete
  • HTTP MS IE HHCtrl ActiveX XDom Scripting
  • HTTP MDAC Component Query BO
  • HTTP MSIE CreateTextRange Code Exec
  • HTTP MS IE MMS Proto Hndlr Cmd Injection
  • HTTP MS IE Style Tag Cmt Mem Corruption
  • HTTP MS Visual Studio VB To VSI ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP NCTAudio2 Studio ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP RealPlayer SMIL File Stack BO
  • HTTP SCO Skunkware ViewSrc Traversal
  • HTTP WhileUSurf Activity

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