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February 17, 2009
Symantec Client Security 2.0.4 - 3.x Security Update 194


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Client Security to download the security update.

Security Update 194 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • TCP CA ARCserve Backup BO
  • RDP rdesktop Integer Underflow
  • HTTP VUPlayer M3U UNC Buffer Overflow
  • HTTP Cain and Abel Malformed File BO
  • HTTP MW6 Technologies Barcode ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Trojan Bankpatch.C Activity
Security Update 194 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:
  • HTTP Firefox Favicon Link Tag Code Exec
  • HTTP DirectAnim ComObj CodeExec (CLSID)
  • HTTP MovieMaker ComObj CodeExec (CLSID)
  • HTTP Kaspersky Sysinfo File Exfilt Inst.
  • HTTP Kaspersky Kl File Exfilt Inst.
  • HTTP Rediff Toolbar ActiveX DoS
  • HTTP RIM Blackberry TeamOn Import BO
  • HTTP MS Outlook ActiveX IE DoS
  • HTTP MS Speech COM Object Mem Corruption
  • HTTP Novell Extend Dir ActiveX Comm Exec
  • HTTP Winzip ActiveXControl KillBit
  • HTTP MSIE TLI App ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP MS VB PD Wizard ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP Intuit QuickBooks Online ActiveX BO
  • HTTP MS XML Core Services Info Disc
  • HTTP MS Visual Foxpro Cmd Exec
  • HTTP MSIE COM Object Memory Corruption
  • HTTP Suspicious Executable Image Download
  • HTTP HxTocCtrl ActiveX Code Exec
  • HTTP Malicious Toolkit Variant Activity 2
  • HTTP MS Speech API ActiveX
  • HTTP BackWeb ActiveX KillBit
  • HTTP Misleading Application Detection
  • HTTP Trojan Brisv A Activity
  • HTTP Acrobat PDF Suspicious File Download
  • HTTP MSIE Malformed XML BO
Security Update 194 removes coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:
  • SMB Trans2Open Overflow (1)
  • SMB Trans2Open Overflow (2)
  • HTTP MS IE Embed Src BO

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