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February 27, 2009
Symantec Endpoint Protection - Security Update 97


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Endpoint Protection to download the security update.

The signature update changes specified below correspond to a new IPS engine update provided to increase threat protection within the SEP product.

Security Update 97 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:
  • HTTP IrfanView IFF Format BO
  • HTTP Corel Paint Shop PNG BO
  • HTTP Leadtools SDK ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Leadtools Raster Object BO
  • HTTP Acoustica CD Burner Playlist BO
  • HTTP Yahoo! Msgr YVerInfo ActiveX BO
  • HTTP IDAutomation ActiveX File Overwrite
  • HTTP Trojan Brisv File Download
  • HTTP Trend Micro OfficeScan ActiveX BO
  • HTTP MS Media Services NSKey DLL ActiveX BO
  • HTTP Suspicious Executable File Download 2
  • HTTP Geovision LiveX ActiveX File Overwrite
  • TCP Symantec NetBackup VNetD Dir Trav

Security Update 97 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:
  • HTTP MSIE CreateTextRange Code Exec
  • HTTP WMP ASF File Parsing Code Exec.
  • HTTP MS ASX File Format BO
  • HTTP ASF StreamPropObj AudioErrMasking BO
  • HTTP ASF BinaryMediaObject BO
  • HTTP ASF StreamPropObj SpreadAudio BO
  • HTTP ASF StreamProperty BO
  • HTTP Adobe SWF Remote Code Exec
  • HTTP Fake Scan Webpage
  • HTTP Misleading Application Detection
  • HTTP Trojan Brisv A Activity
  • HTTP MS Visual Studio ActiveX BO
  • HTTP W32 Harakit Activity
  • HTTP MSIE Malformed XML BO
  • HTTP MSIE7 Uninitialized Memory Code Exec
  • IRC Suspicious Executable File Download

Security Update 97 removes coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:
  • AOL IM AwayMsg BO
  • HTTP GIF Netscape Ext. Malformed Heap BO

Last modified on: Friday, 27-Feb-09 13:50:51