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Symantec Contribution to Microsoft Security Operations Guide

Symantec is pleased to collaborate with Microsoft on their Security Operations Guide. The Security Operations Guide is an excellent set of specific configuration recommendations that if followed will result in formidable security for Windows server platforms. Below is a set of information security articles written by Symantec security experts that expand on key points within the Security Operations Guide. Symantec products play a key role in building a defense-in-depth security posture. The security principles and recommendations outlined in the Security Operations Guide and the following articles are best managed by Symantec product solutions.

As part of our commitment to the Windows platform, Symantec Security Response has created seven new Enterprise Security Manager™ policies to cover many of the recommendations covered in the Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Servers, Windows 2000 ADS, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4 PDC, Windows NT 4 Server, and Windows NT 4 Workstations. These policies were developed from industry recognized best practices and from guidelines in the Security Operations Guide. These Symantec Enterprise Security Manager™ policies are free to Enterprise Security Manager™ maintenance paying customers.

Enterprise Security Manager™ Windows Policies

Symantec Security Articles

General information security articles that elaborate on Security Operations Guide recommendations:

Fundamentals of Information Security (80-20 Rule)

Defense in Depth Benefits

Corporate Security Policy

Microsoft Security Operations Guide

Review Microsoft's Security Operations Guide.

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