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NetBackup EXIT STATUS 10: allocation failed

NetBackup EXIT STATUS 10 : allocation failed
TECH203268 | 2014-10-15
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Optimized Duplication ( opt-dup | opt-dup ) jobs fail with STATUS 84 after a 10 minute timeout

Normal duplication jobs run successfully, however, some optimized duplication jobs can experience a STATUS 84 failure and then retry later successfully.
TECH226280 | 2015-02-20
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Device configuration status code 10

Device configuration status code 10
HOWTO104557 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

Device management status code 10

Message: IPC sequence error Explanation:
HOWTO104643 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

Robot Error status code 10

A robotic daemon or process could not create a child process due to a system error. This error is probably intermittent, based on the availability of resources on the system (applies to UNIX and Linux servers only).
HOWTO104772 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

Media Manager status code 10

When a process performed a media-related operation, it encountered an unknown, missing, or incompatible barcode. Examine command output, debug logs, and system logs for a more detailed message on the error . See Setting debug logging to a higher level in the Troubleshooting Guide
HOWTO104398 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

NetBackup status code: 10

Click here to view technical notes and other information in the Symantec Knowledge Base about this status code .
HOWTO103940 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

AIX Client filesystem backup fails with Error Status 10 "allocation failed"

/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bptm Error bptm (pid=27348) media manager terminated by parent process Netbackup Client
TECH225564 | 2014-10-22
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Ten second connection delays cause status 25 after upgrading mediaserver to NetBackup 7.1

This information is then inherited by the bpbrm.child when it starts. 17:46:37.262 [1660.4296] 2 bpbrm read_media_msg: read from media manager: ncb_datasocket myclient_1307115858 57276;c432cfc40d6d02d80f592f6c03015c49; 10 ;600 17:46:37.262 [1660.4296] 2 bpbrm multiplexed_backup: bpbrm.c.9562: media_port: 0 0 0x00000000
TECH162303 | 2014-04-09
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

NetBackup Exchange/non Exchange Backup via Fibre Transport fail with EXIT STATUS = 10; Info bpbkar (xxxxx) done. status: 10: allocation failed

mounting dit035 Error bptm (pid=xxxx) media manager terminated during mount of media id dit035, possible media mount timeout Error bptm (pid=xxxx) media manager terminated by parent process
TECH215289 | 2014-03-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

NetBackup Fiber Transport backup fails with EXIT STATUS = 10: allocation failed.

Fiber Transport backup fails with Status 10 : The system memory allocation fails because of insufficient system memory available. A possible cause is that the system is overloaded with too many processes and not enough physical or virtual memory.
TECH155063 | 2014-02-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

NetBackup Status Code 10: allocation failed

Overview : NetBackup Status 10 : allocation failed Explanation
TECH57161 | 2014-02-20
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Browsing files for restore causes AIX OS error - Error : inf-malloc failed status 10

Browsing files for restore causes AIX OS error - Error : inf-malloc failed status 10
TECH215263 | 2014-02-22
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

STATUS 130, Backups of a FreeBSD 8.2 and MacOS 10 clients fail with error code 130

Info bpbkar32(pid=89489) done. status : 130: system error occurred
TECH195922 | 2014-02-18
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Install or upgrade of OpsCenter fails with error 1719 on Windows 2008 machines that have Internet Explorer 10 installed.

When attempting to either install OpsCenter 7.5 or upgrade to one of the updates listed below, it fails with error 1719:
TECH209014 | 2014-02-05
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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