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NetBackup status code: 1528

NetBackup status code : 1528
HOWTO105023 | 2014-11-20
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NetBackup for Microsft SQL Server restore failed with SQL Server error "SQL Server cannot process this media family" when restoring to SQL Server 2008

15:41:47.737 [ 1528 .4064] 16 CODBCaccess::LogODBCerr: DBMS MSG - ODBC return code -1 , SQL State 37000 , SQL Message 3241 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The media family on device vnbu0-1528-4064-1244662408 is incorrectly formed. SQL Server cannot process this media family. .
TECH74481 | 2013-10-24
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Status Code Chart

1527 1528 1529
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
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NetBackup messages

the source copy for an Auto Image Replication is not capable of replication See NetBackup status code : 1528 the source copy for an Auto Image Replication must specify a storage unit
HOWTO103773 | 2014-11-20
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Recommended Master server/Catalog data replication to a DR site | Symantec Connect

I'm now trying to add in the "replication" step per the admin guide. I selected "target master" and set my needed fixed retention period. I'm getting a status code pop-up error 1528 telling me that the "source copy for the duplication to remote master is not capable or replication" which I'm researching now.
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