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NetBackup status code: 1564

NetBackup status code : 1564
HOWTO105420 | 2014-11-20
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Backup or restore fails with status 5/6/21/25 at either the beginning or end of the job

The vnetd debug log on the target host shows the inbound connection from the remote NetBackup server process is a forwarding socket request and that that a bind and listen occurred on port 1564 . The port number and hash_str1 were returned to the remote server process.
TECH156471 | 2011-03-24
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BUG REPORT: When using VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 5.1 MP3, or MP3A, a backup exits with a Status 1: partially successful. This is due to the VERITAS Snapshot Provider (VSP) cache file not being automatically excluded from the backup. This issue is resolved with NetBackup 5.1 MP4.

Client Log Files: bpbkar 9:14:52.797 AM: [1696. 1564 ] 2 tar_backup::backup_startfile_state: TAR - Backup: C:\_vxfivspcachefile_0.VSP
TECH39469 | 2006-01-17
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Status Code Chart

1563 1564 1565
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
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Errors "A SCSI inquiry sent to the device has failed (16)." and/or "Unable to query the path entered, check the path and try again." When trying to add one of the NDMP drive path (e.g. nrst0a) manually via NetBackup Administration Console GUI.

Corresponding error from VxUL 134 debug log : - ( 1564 ) 10 [0] 08:44:30 ndmp_tape_open (0x300) ndmp_no_err (0x0),16:ndmp_logger_vxul,1 . device= nrst0a ,16:ndmp_logger_vxul,1
TECH158237 | 2013-10-25
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NetBackup messages

Storage lifecycle policy contains errors See NetBackup status code : 1564 storage lifecycle policy exceeds maximum import destinations
HOWTO103773 | 2014-11-20
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VSS backup of EMC Clariion device hangs

The main bpbkar thread dies, the keep-alive thread keeps going 15:53:21.304: [4252. 1564 ] 4 bpio::read_string: INF - read non-blocking message of length 1 15:53:21.304: [4252.1564] 4 tar_backup::readServerMessage: INF - keepalive message received
TECH156078 | 2013-05-17
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restore error | Symantec Connect

restore error
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Catalog recovery error | Symantec Connect

Catalog recovery error
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98 Error Code | Symantec Connect

98 Error Code
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4239 error code | Symantec Connect

4239 error code
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solaris bmr errors | Symantec Connect

solaris bmr errors
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Netbackup Error 89 | Symantec Connect

Netbackup Error 89
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bptestbpcd results error 25 | Symantec Connect

bptestbpcd results error 25
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Netbackup NDMP Restore Error | Symantec Connect

Netbackup NDMP Restore Error
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