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NetBackup status code: 1601

NetBackup status code : 1601
HOWTO91861 | 2013-10-02
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NetBackup 7 software installation fails with MsiInstaller errors reported in the Windows Application Event log.

ERROR: Internal Error 2755. 1601 , :\
TECH126050 | 2011-04-14
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Status Code Chart

1600 1601 1602
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
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STATUS CODE 0: INCREMENTAL backups run as a FULL backup despite the last FULL having backed up all files with Status 0. The bpbkar log reports "folder <folder_name> has been created recently (since 11/9/02 11:35:32 AM). It will be backed up in full."

11/23/1617 01:46a DIR Accounting 01/01/ 1601 12:00a DIR Test 01/01/1601 12:00a DIR ART
TECH23000 | 2012-02-23
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NetBackup messages

full schedule requires a snapshot SLP See NetBackup status code : 1601 getservbyname failed
HOWTO90266 | 2013-10-02
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Netbackup client installation fails on a Windows server

Install log reports DEBUG: Error 2755: Server returned unexpected error 1601 attempting to install package
TECH157170 | 2011-08-15
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Vault backups are taking days to complete..... | Symantec Connect

= 1601 MB/min = 26 MB/s Unless I've got something wrong (apologies, late here and I'm tired ...) but I'd say your drive is running about a 1/4 of it's potential speed.
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