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NetBackup status code: 176

NetBackup status code : 176
HOWTO104096 | 2014-11-20
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Media Manager status code 176

Media Manager status code 176
HOWTO104532 | 2014-11-20
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STATUS CODE 176: An import of a media fails with "cannot perform specified media import operation" when importing a tape from a different VERITAS NetBackup (tm) environment with Media ID Generation rules in effect for either environment.

9/7/2005 11:15:59 AM - end Import operation; operation time: 00:00:48 cannot perform specified media import operation( 176 ) Media Server Log Files:
TECH43524 | 2013-10-23
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Can't perform Phase 1 import of Backup Exec media into NetBackup, getting an error (176).

When attempting to perform a Phase 1 import of a tape from a Backup Exec environment into NetBackup, the import fails with a status 176 .
TECH75464 | 2013-09-18
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Media import fails with error 176: cannot perform specified media import operation

Media import fails with error 176 : cannot perform specified media import operation
TECH67466 | 2009-01-22
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STATUS CODE: 176: Unable to import media after a barcode change when using an ACS library. Veritas NetBackup (tm) automatically synchronizes the barcode to match the media ID.

The requirement is that the barcode label and media ID in the volume database must always match the recorded media ID (RVSN) on the tape. Any Phase 1 import will fail with a Status 176 due to the difference between the barcode and the media ID. For other type robots, for example TLD or TL8, it is possible to create a mismatch by using the vmchange
TECH43918 | 2008-01-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Job fails with status 232 after going active on RHEL media server using NIS/YP

03:49:44.156 [43776] 2 logconnections: BPDBM CONNECT FROM TO fd = 6 03:49:44. 176 [43776] 2 db_end: Need to collect reply ...snip...
TECH145022 | 2014-03-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: If static Network Address Translation (NAT) is configured on the firewall binding the firewall's external IP with the NetBackup master/media server ports, then the DMZ client must be able to perform reverse name lookups of the firewall's public IP address to the name of the NetBackup master/media server.

22:25:48.031 [2344.2492] 2 vnet_cached_gethostbyaddr: ..\libvlibs\vnet_hosts.c.255: Function failed: 6 0x00000006 22:25:48.031 [2344.2492] 2 vwrap_ipaddr_check: ..\libvlibs\vwrap.c. 176 : Function failed: 4 0x00000004 22:25:52.531 [2344.2492] 2 vnet_cached_gethostbyaddr: ..\libvlibs\vnet_hosts.c.255: Function failed: 6 0x00000006
TECH39431 | 2013-10-29
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Shadow Copy Components backup finishes Status 1

9:13:32.312 AM: [6980.6584] 2 ov_log::v_globallog: INF - Informational: calling IVssBackupComponents::SetBackupSucceeded with status FALSE for component System Files in SHADOW::OpenComponent 9:13:32.313 AM: [6980.6584] 2 ov_log::v_globallog: INF - AD: Status fs_object_list_failure (0xe000fedd) calling fs_openobj in SystemState::OpenObj: 176
TECH150097 | 2012-09-04
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

HPUX SAN client devices show no_hw status in ioscan -f output

ext_bus 63 3/0/10/1/0/4/ fcd_vbus no_hw INTERFACE FCP Device Interface target 176 3/0/10/1/0/4/ tgt no_hw DEVICE tape 7 3/0/10/1/0/4/0.101.
TECH183116 | 2012-03-06
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: VMWare Consolidated Backups will fail with Status 156 "Could not renew disk lease."

2 onlfi_vfms_logf: [2008-04-07 10:18:50. 176 vcbMounter 4200 error] Error: Failed to export the disk: I/O Operation failed
TECH60083 | 2012-02-06
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: Oracle restore job exits with status 0, but client times out waiting for server status after partial read of the backupset piece.

14:44:08.156 [22548] 2 child_wait: waitpid returned zero, no children waiting (mpxrestore.c:2609) 14:44:10. 176 [22548] 2 child_wait: waitpid returned zero, no children waiting (mpxrestore.c:2609) ...snipped many repeated checks to see if the child has exited...
TECH74897 | 2011-01-22
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG backups fail with a status 41.m

2 pfi_start_client: client_pid=6204 12:49:21. 176 [11980.11612] 2 get_bpfis_msg: bpfis buff: FTL - cannot open C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\online_util\fi_cntl\bpfis.fim.dag21b_1262630459.0
TECH125418 | 2010-01-25
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: (Cold) offline catalog backup reports 'failed to perform database backup' even though the job completed successfully with status 0.

, request id = {5789e8d0-1dd2-11b2-849a-0003ba8b1e5d}(jobinst_i.cpp: 176 ) ...snip...
TECH56239 | 2008-01-26
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: NetBackup 6.5 Storage Lifecycle Policy duplication jobs fail after 2 hours of running with status 50

8/5/2008 07:52:06. 176 PID:2060 TID:5924 [SignalProcess::processProcessRecordMsg] (0000000003825e60) no matching pid found for 4272 to signal, process may have already terminated, jobid=48177(SignalProcess.cpp:351)
TECH64811 | 2008-01-03
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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