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NetBackup status code: 2006

NetBackup status code : 2006
HOWTO104834 | 2014-11-20
How To | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: The services called NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager and NetBackup Resource Broker don't error, but won't remain started and the NetBackup Device Manager service generates event log error, "EMM interface initialization failed, status = 334"

Event ID: 0 Date: 2/10/ 2006 Time: 1:50:48 PM
TECH46255 | 2014-04-09
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: On a NetBackup 6.x or 7.0 server, errors occur in the application event log stating "Application Error : The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application." This may occur for several different NetBackup processes.

Event ID: 26 Date: 6/1/ 2006 Time: 8:11:57 PM
TECH48099 | 2013-12-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: The Veritas NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) service does not start after upgrading NetBackup from 6.0 GA to 6.0 Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1). This may also occur while upgrading from 7.01 to 7.1

Event ID: 0 Date: 1/19/ 2006 Time: 9:44:00 AM
TECH46021 | 2013-12-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: NetBackup LiveUpdate jobs to update an AIX or HPIA64 NetBackup Master or Media server will fail with either status 1 or a status 77 in the Activity Monitor.

Jul 12, 2006 8:43:11 PM Disk space check for udpate name failed. Requested free space was 338.467 (in MB).
TECH64983 | 2011-08-10
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: The installation of NetBackup 6.0 Maintenance Pack 4 fails on a AIX server with the error "tar: 0511-194 Reached end-of-file before expected."

------------------------------------------------ Installation of pack nb_60_4_m FAILED Fri Sep 15 16:43:36 GMT 2006 Rev. 3.12.5.
TECH49185 | 2009-01-28
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: Getting the error "This client (hostname) is already being updated by some other program." during a NetBackup 6.0 maintenance pack installation

-------------------------------------------------------- 09/12/ 2006 13:45:03 Installing software on starfury...
TECH49016 | 2008-01-09
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: Getting Windows application faults when running bppllist after upgrading to NetBackup 6.0 MP4

application bppllist.exe, version 6.0. 2006 .1102, faulting module netbackup.dll,
TECH51318 | 2008-01-01
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: Vault duplications / synthetic backups become queued, and never become active when using Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2).

The formal resolution to this issue will be included in NetBackup 6.0 Maintenance Pack 3 (MP3), currently scheduled for release in Q3 of calendar year 2006 . To download this Maintenance Pack, once it becomes available, visit the Support Web site at:
TECH47494 | 2008-01-03
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: After upgrading a NetBackup server running Veritas one-time Passwords In Everything to NetBackup 6.0, multiple processes cannot communicate with each other.

9/20/ 2006 09:58:42.429 [Debug] NB 51216 nbpem 116 PID:2956 TID:3616 [No context] 2 [NBPClient::KillNBP] Found an old proxy with ior file: D:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\var\nbproxy_pem.ior shutting it down (../proxy\nbpclient.h:128)
TECH49114 | 2007-01-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: While attempting an import of manually expired disk images, phase 1 of the import finishes successfully, but phase 2 fails with the error "no images found ready for phase 2 import"

Directory of M:\server0001 04/12/ 2006 07:50 AM DIR . 04/12/2006 07:50 AM DIR ..
TECH48978 | 2007-01-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: When using VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 5.1 for SQL Server, the SQL Server GUI fails with a socket error when browsing for backups

ETA of Fix: The formal resolution to this issue is scheduled for inclusion in NetBackup 5.1 Maintenance Pack 5 (MP5), which is scheduled for release in the first calendar quarter of 2006 .
TECH44490 | 2007-01-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

NBU 6.0 BUG REPORT: The error message "NBDB EMM interface initialization failed, status = 77" is returned when installing a Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 maintenance pack.

------------------------------------------------ Installation of pack nb_60_2_m FAILED Thu Apr 6 15:51:12 EDT 2006 Rev.
TECH47368 | 2007-01-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: The NetBackup Request Manager service terminates with service-specific error 130 (0x82) after an Oracle Job runs.

Event ID:7024 Date:11/28/ 2006 Time:8:05:15 PM
TECH49970 | 2007-01-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: When attempting a restore, the required media will not mount, stating "Media is in use", when it is known that the media is not physically in use. The restore appears to hang.

Activity Monitor (Detailed Status of job) 5/9/ 2006 4:39:16 PM - media azz001 required
TECH47778 | 2007-01-11
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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