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NetBackup status code: 2009

NetBackup status code : 2009
HOWTO104837 | 2014-11-20
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Status code 2009 during tape backup

Backup jobs directed to a local storage unit mount the tape in the tape drive but NetBackup does not report the tape as mounted. The backup job eventually fails with status 2009 :
TECH177880 | 2011-12-28
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Snapshot error encountered (status code 156)

Event Type: Error Event Source: VSS Event Category: None Event ID: 12302 Date: 1/8/ 2009 Time: 1:36:21 AM User: N/A Computer: ARTICTALEVM8 Description: Volume Shadow Copy Service error : An internal inconsistency was detected in trying to contact shadow copy service writers. Please check to see that the Event Service and Volume Shadow Copy Service are operating properly.
HOWTO70792 | 2014-12-13
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Backup fails with status 24 after the network stops delivering data to the media server.

-------------------- -------------------- ----- ------ ----- ------ ------- Friday October 9 05:14:08 GMT 2009 (The socket does not exist until the backup starts.)
TECH76201 | 2014-10-16
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NetBackup status codes related to VMware

12/4/ 2009 1:12:34 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=21376) from client vm4: ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: Status 23. Select a different transport mode and retry the backup.
HOWTO70948 | 2013-10-02
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DOCUMENTATION: How to troubleshoot and correct the error " bpdbm: fatal: relocation error: file /usr/openv/lib/ symbol slp_errmsgstr: referenced symbol not found" when applying the NetBackup patch 6.5.4

ERROR: Unable to start bpdbm process. Installation of pack nb_6.5.4 FAILED Wed Aug 12 08:29:42 PDT 2009 Rev. The error same error is returned in this case as in the first scenario as the end result is the same, the master server binaries are at level 6.5.4, and the client at level 6.5.3.
TECH74064 | 2011-01-25
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error 2009 and 6 | Symantec Connect

error 2009 and 6
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Media Manager status code 187

bpnbat -WhoAmI Name: JDOG Domain: MYCOMPANY Issued by: /CN=broker/ Expiry Date: Sep 19 12:51:55 2009 GMT Authentication method: Microsoft Windows Operation completed successfully.
HOWTO104538 | 2014-11-20
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NetBackup status code: 116

bpnbat -WhoAmI Name: JDOG Domain: MYCOMPANY Issued by: /CN=broker/ Expiry Date: Sep 19 12:51:55 2009 GMT Authentication method: Microsoft Windows
HOWTO104039 | 2014-11-20
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MS SQL and other XBSA Backups fail with status code 239 reported after applying the NetBackup maintenance release.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1) - 10.0.2531.0 (X64) Mar 29 2009 10:11:52 Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Microsoft Corporation
TECH215866 | 2014-11-11
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Exchange 2010 GRT restore of individual emails fails with error: INF - Server status = 2810 ( INF - Status = ms-exchange-server policy restore error.

Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
TECH185312 | 2014-10-07
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Event manager service is unable to start: [Error] v-231-106 Attempted to start the Event Manager on a non-master Server

01/28/ 2009 11:56:50.506 [Info] v-231-100 Starting the Event Manager.
TECH67287 | 2014-08-23
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Image cleanup is failing with status 83

In addition to the Resolution found in the Related Documents section for status 83, if your Detailed status looks like this: 5/4/ 2009 6:45:49 AM - started process bpdm (5404) 5/4/2009 6:45:49 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=5404) sts_get_lsu_prop_byname on LSU D:\DSU failed: 2060013 no more entries
TECH70275 | 2014-05-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

rman-10038 error when attempting to backup Oracle version 11.2 using NetBackup 6.x.

shows that the nb_clt and nb_ora components are from an early version of NetBackup 6.5 and released in 2008 and the Oracle version is 11g R2 which was released in 2009 . A failure occurs within a few milliseconds of making the connection to the master server to confirm the license.
TECH77071 | 2014-03-14
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

A potential for skipped duplications has been discovered in NetBackup 6.5.4 when using Vault, or in NetBackup versions 6.5.1 - 6.5.3 if a specific vltrun binary has been applied. Vault may end with status code 0, 306 or 308 if duplication rules are configured. If a Status 0 occurs due to this issue, duplications are skipped without indication.

If Emergency Engineering Binaries (EEBs) for vltrun were used for any of the following 3 Etracks and were obtained/applied prior to August 12, 2009 , they should be replaced with an updated EEB by calling support immediately.
TECH72483 | 2013-10-24
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