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NetBackup status code: 2038

NetBackup status code : 2038
HOWTO104866 | 2014-11-20
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GENERAL ERROR: After upgrading to NetBackup 6.5.1, media expiration dates are set to infinity (2038) when using lifecycles.

After upgrading to 6.5.1, it may be seen that media associated with LifeCycles have an expiration date set to infinity ( 2038 ) for jobs configured with a fixed retention type . This is known behavior. The media expiration is only temporary.
TECH57847 | 2009-01-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

NetBackup 7.1 NBPEM process is core dumping on start with assertion error after LastBackupData::getWindowTimes and anything connecting to nbpem gets status 25.

11/11/11 13:17:12.265 [Application] NB 51216 nbpem 116 PID:15760 TID:14 File ID:116 [jobid=-1 job_group_id=-1 client=test-client-name type=2 server=*NULL* task=ID:1012f2e40 CTX:1012f2e40 policy=bad_policy_crash_nbpem] [Critical] v-116-9 [=== ASSERT ffffffff719f9208 ===] (ID:101329538) Frequency schedule ( 2038 /01/
TECH174831 | 2012-07-28
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If an unsupported Hot Catalog Backup duplication is attempted, the Activity Monitor may not indicate an error even though the catalog has not been successfully copied.

In NetBackup 6.5.1 specifically, If Hot Catalog Backup duplications are attempted to tape (or a virtual tape library) using Lifecycles, those media will be marked with an expiration date of infinity ( 2038 ) and may require a manual procedure to expire. If this occurs with multiple media, the amount of available media will decrease, possibly resulting in a Status Code 96 (unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available). If this situation is encountered, contact technical services for further instruction.
TECH58319 | 2009-01-09
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TechAlert: In rare instances, nbjm and nbpem can fail to synchronize due to CORBA communication errors. When this happens, some jobs may be skipped until corrective action is taken.

dl 7 sts=0 stp=4 8c9c48 due at 2147483647 (Mon Jan 18 22:14:07 2038 ) window close at -1 schedule = full jobid = 1044272 parentjobid = 0 Runonce = 1 JobState = ACTIVE
TECH56021 | 2008-01-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

BUG REPORT: When using NetBackup 6.0, media queries cause EMM Server SQL syntax errors due to a required change to the value of infinity.

The numeric value that represents an infinite retention level was changed in NetBackup 6.0. NetBackup 4.5 and 5.x used a value of 2147483647 which is Mon Jan 18 03:14:07 2038 GMT . NetBackup 6.0 shortened this value to be 2145916799 which is Thu Dec 31 23:59:59 2037 GMT .
TECH44720 | 2007-01-18
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

SAP user-directed backup exits with status 0, image verify fails with status 131 resulting in brbackup reporting BR233E Backup utility has reported an error while saving file.

12:01:24.369 [3407] 2 bsa_bplist: start_date = Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969 12:01:24.369 [3407] 2 bsa_bplist: end_date = Sun Jan 17 21:14:06 2038 12:01:24.369 [3407] 2 bsa_bplist: Request = oraprd dba ddgpsd71-bkp ddgpsd71-bkp ddgpsd71-bkp NONE 13 .adojwuof.lst 3 999 0 2147397246 4 4 1 0 1 0 17 150 150 3 0 C C C C C 0 0 0 0 0
TECH34985 | 2005-01-29
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Duplicated copies managed by a Storage Lifecycle Policy created with expiration dates beyond the UNIX epoch (January 19, 2038 03:14:07 UTC) are prematurely expired. This condition does not occur when a retention level set to "infinity" is used.

No error will be displayed as duplications will succeed; however, these images will not be available for later restore jobs.
TECH200501 | 2014-11-04
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

If a retention level is set such that expiration dates of images is set after January 2038, after successful backups or duplications to tape using this custom retention period, the tape media (but not the image) is expired. Media may then be overwritten. This condition does not occur with "infinity" retention levels.

NetBackup 5220 2.0 In previous versions of NetBackup, backups or duplications attempted with such a custom retention level would fail with an nbemm error reported.
TECH165341 | 2011-10-05
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Authentication failed errors after NBAC installed | Symantec Connect

Assuming you set the expiration date far off enough (like, what, 2038 ) you should never need to undertake that process again, so you can zap the file with the password in it.
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NBU 7.1retention Report shows 2038 Expairy year | Symantec Connect

Number Copies: 1 Fail on Error : 0 Residence: abc
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Status Code Chart

2037 2038 2039
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Error when running Bpexpdate -calculate | Symantec Connect

(by whatever method) you'll probably find that the image will be set to expire sometime in the year 2038 or similar (don't ask!). Hopefully by then we'll no longer be worried about supporting netbackup6.5 or 7.0!!
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NetBackup messages

media loaded in drive is not write-enabled See NetBackup status code : 2038 Media Manager device daemon (ltid) is not active
HOWTO103773 | 2014-11-20
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Retention Periods with end dates beyond 2038, excluding Infinity

Retention Periods with end dates beyond 2038 , excluding Infinity
HOWTO106451 | 2014-11-19
How To | CMS-XML

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