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Live browse/backup/Indexing of snapshot with VxVM volumes fail with status code 4213 reported.

Status 4213 (snapshot import failed ) may be encountered when doing live browse/backup/indexing for snapshots of having VxVM volumes.
TECH209057 | 2013-10-21
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NetBackup status code: 4213

NetBackup status code : 4213
HOWTO91751 | 2013-10-02
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191 errors on Duplcation Jobs | Symantec Connect

19:56:25.755 [2512.5416] <2> do_pbx_service: ../../libvlibs/vnet_connect.c.1776: 0: via PBX: VNETD CONNECT FROM 4213 TO fd = 1560
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Status Code Chart

4212 4213 4214
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
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Assorted troubleshooting issues while using NetBackup Replication Director

The following error displays in the bpfis logs when snapshot import fails with error 4213 due to an iSCSI establishment error :
HOWTO86966 | 2014-01-02
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Restore issues when using NetBackup Replication Director

Also, a Backup From Snapshot operation fails with status code 4213 . To successfully perform an alternate client restore from a snapshot, the Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) versions must be the same on both the client and the alternate client.
HOWTO87078 | 2013-10-01
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NetBackup messages

snapshot import failed See NetBackup status code : 4213 snapshot metadata or statefiles cannot be created
HOWTO90266 | 2013-10-02
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all_filesystems and volume_exclude_list directives

Adjust the volume specifications appropriately for your environment. Backups from snapshots for NDMP policies fail when the import of a snapshot fails for volumes where logical unit numbers (LUNs) reside with status code 4213 (Snapshot import failed ). To avoid this error, use the volume_exclude_list
HOWTO87057 | 2013-09-29
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