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NetBackup status code: 5773

NetBackup status code : 5773
HOWTO91879 | 2013-10-02
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Status Code Chart

5772 5773 5774
TECH58686 | 2014-02-18
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NetBackup messages

failed to get virtual name of master server See NetBackup status code : 5773 failed to initialize Windows Socket library
HOWTO90266 | 2013-10-02
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NetBackup incorrectly processes device numbers greater than 4095 (0xfff). This can lead to incorrect device entries in the 3pc.conf file and potential data loss when using the offhost Media Server Copy or Third Party Copy data movement method with an EMC Symmetrix array.

For example, when this device number was encountered by bptpcinfo /dev/rdsk/c2t60060480000290104663533032304431d0s2 :EMC :SYMMETRIX : 5773 :63020d1000 : 020d1 : 70709760 :000290104663
TECH77876 | 2011-11-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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