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NetBackup status code: 600

NetBackup status code : 600
HOWTO104297 | 2014-11-20
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NetBackup status code: 11

set semsys:seminfo_semmni=300 set semsys:seminfo_semmns=300 set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=300 set semsys:seminfo_semmnu= 600 Set these attributes to a value great enough to provide resources to all applications on your system.
HOWTO103941 | 2014-11-20
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Backup to Windows master server fails with status code 12 when using long client or policy names

shows a status 11 when operating on a very long name in the image database. 13:51:15.721 [4068.4172] 2 DbmOdbcConnect::commitTransaction: (56) success - view count 1 13:51:15.722 [4068.4172] 2 lock_file_by_path: Acquired db_imglock(WRITE) 600 in C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db\images\\1415000000\abcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdababcdabcdabaaaaaaa_.lck
TECH214234 | 2014-11-06
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

AIR replications are failing on DataDomain with status 174

Modify the following Data Domain registry setting from the default of 600 to the following value - system.nfs_filecopy_timeout = 600000 The setting must be implemented on both the source and target DDs
TECH213829 | 2014-08-25
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Ten second connection delays cause status 25 after upgrading mediaserver to NetBackup 7.1

This information is then inherited by the bpbrm.child when it starts. 17:46:37.262 [1660.4296] 2 bpbrm read_media_msg: read from media manager: ncb_datasocket myclient_1307115858 57276;c432cfc40d6d02d80f592f6c03015c49;10; 600 17:46:37.262 [1660.4296] 2 bpbrm multiplexed_backup: bpbrm.c.9562: media_port: 0 0 0x00000000
TECH162303 | 2014-04-09
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: oprd returned abnormal status (96) - volume pools missing

(from mm_master_config.mm_server_name) 18:29:50.459 [4088.4460] 4 oprd: commandline: D:\Program Files\VERITAS\Volmgr\bin\oprd.exe -sockfd 568 -p 4 -nosig 18:29:50. 600 [4088.4460] 2 oprd: got CONTINUE, connecting to ltid
TECH70502 | 2014-03-27
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Backup jobs fail with status 50 and NBJM core dumps with stacks referencing various memory related routines.

bpsched_threshold - Throttle the the frequency that media servers send messages to the master server to update job status in the activity monitor. By default, job status update messages are sent by the media servers to the master server for each backup and duplication job after every 200 MB, 400 MB or 600 MB of data written, depending on the type of backup (full or incremental), and the client type. Relief occurred when this tuneable was set with a value of 5000000 raising the threshold to 5 GB.
TECH191206 | 2014-01-20
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Oracle automatic backup job fails with status 6 or status 29 after the application job fails with status 12.

16:33:06.117 [2536.1808] 4 serverResponse: entering serverResponse. 16:33:06.117 [2536.1808] 4 serverResponse: initial client_read_timeout = 600 16:33:06.117 [2536.1808] 4 readCommMessages: Entering readCommMessages
TECH60963 | 2013-11-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: The VERITAS Enterprise Administrator and/or the VERITAS NetBackup Java Administration Console fail to start due to libdga issues.

at sun.java2d.sungraphics2d.drawImage( at sun.awt.motif.x11graphics.drawImage( 600 ) at javax.swing.JComponent.paint(
TECH23326 | 2013-10-23
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

More than 5 minutes used for EFI partition detection, the function "IsSystemBootedUsingEFIFirmware()" in bpbkar for Windows client in NetBackup, that would cause the backup job failed with error code 41

to obtain an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) for NetBackup containing a fix for this issue; An EEB for NetBackup could be accessed under etrack3217366. Workarounds: As a workaround, we can tune the client_read_timeout on master server host properties, changes it to 600 or larger;
TECH206308 | 2013-08-21
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Oracle RMAN application backup job hangs and the automatic job fails with status 6 at 15 minutes after the data transfer completes.

: the requested operation was successfully completed 01:39:06. 600 [22394] 2 sbtinfo2: INF - leaving 01:40:03.924 [22394] 2 sbtbackup: INF - entering
TECH73130 | 2013-03-27
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Oracle XML export using template fails with status 41 after bporaexp and bpdbsbora hang

.269 16:14:33.004 [1592.3752] 2 bpbrm readline: bpbrm timeout after 600 seconds
TECH184374 | 2012-03-20
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

vStorage restores fails to find the created Virtual Machine causing the restore to fail with "EXIT STATUS 5"

15:39:26. 600 [7536.7584] vmwareLogger: RetrieveVmInfo: entered, VM MOR=vm-1874, m_vmlist size=8
TECH140079 | 2010-11-02
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

GENERAL ERROR: Media servers bounce between "Active for Disk" and "Active for Disk and Tape."

It is possible to adjust the grace period from a default of 60 seconds to something higher. For example, increasing the grace period to 10 minutes ( 600 seconds) would result in a combined required update interval of 15 minutes (5 minutes + 10 minute grace period). This gives ltid
TECH70827 | 2010-01-29
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Oracle RMAN backups fail with status 6 after upgrading NetBackup to 6.5 without restarting all Oracle instances.

...snip... 11:40:45.346 [8195] 4 serverResponse: initial client_read_timeout = 600 11:40:45.346 [8195] 4 readCommMessages: Entering readCommMessages
TECH59165 | 2009-01-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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