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Enterprise Vault Event 2270 Warnings - Troubleshooting Digest

Event ID 2270 / v-437-2270 is a Warning message that is logged during any of the following processes: Manual archiving in Outlook or OWA
TECH214006 | 2014-02-21
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Journal archiving Event 2270 queued operation exceeded the retry count : 0x80040119

Retrieved a [msgid_archivemailboxex3 (91)] MSMQ message on queue [EVJRNLSVR\Private$\Enterprise Vault Exchange Journaling Task for ExchSVR 140218102334 J3], but it s retry count [4] exceeds the maximum retry limit [3]. v-437-2270 DTRACE Information:
TECH222700 | 2014-07-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Enterprise Vault Archiving fails when encounters invalid Distribution list or Recipient MAPI attributes.

v-437-3433 v-437-3438 v-437-2270
TECH218131 | 2014-06-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event Id 6578 and 2270 occurs during shortcut processing for shortcuts that do not originate from the mailbox being processed.

Error: [0x80004005] v-437-2270 Alternate 2270 Event observed:
TECH207803 | 2014-05-19
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Synchronization errors are reported in the Enterprise Vault (EV) logs: Event Id's 2245, 3196 and 2270. Error: 0x8004060c.

HRESULT: 0x8004060c v-437-2270 Event Type: Error
TECH48540 | 2014-03-28
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event 6578 and 2270 - Occur when 'Archive Exchange Managed Folders' is set to 'Off' during Shortcut Processing

EVPMFolder = FALSE ) HRESULT: 0x80004005 v-437-2270
TECH156217 | 2014-03-27
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task fails to synchronize mailboxes with folder hierarchy included, and gives Event 2243, "Could not scan user mailbox"

HRESULT: 0x8004010f HRESULT 0x8004010f equates to object could not be found v-437-2270
TECH55804 | 2014-04-01
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Events 3172 and 2270 - Unable to archive an item using Store In Vault button in Outlook.

v-437-3172 v-437-2270
TECH161459 | 2014-03-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event ID's 8390,8391,2270 - hierarchy inversion - 0xc0041bf0

Description: A queued operation exceeded the retry count and has been discarded v-437-2270 DTRACE Information:
TECH162185 | 2014-04-02
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

When bulk restoring archived items and Exchange Mailbox Quotas are implemented 3196 and 2270 errors are logged and the Mailbox Store EDB file size increases.

v-437-2270 4. When analyzing the size of the Mailbox Stores EDB file that this users mailbox resides in it has been noticed that the store size has increased even though the items have not been successfully restored.
TECH74833 | 2014-02-24
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Archiving fails with Event ID's 3007, 2244, 2270 causing pending shortcuts

isAReArchive = 1, ArchiveTransId = 90d3b70580e2c5563cf6f8eb95835171 , IndexedPropertiesSet = ); HRESULT: 0x8004011b v-437-2270
TECH157743 | 2014-01-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event IDs 2302 and 2270

ProcessDisabledSuspended = true ); HRESULT: 0xc00408fe v-437-2270
TECH197208 | 2014-01-17
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Journal Mailbox will not archive when the Exchange Quota has been reached; Event ID 2270

NULL, ProcessDisabledSuspended = false ); HRESULT: 0x8004060c v-437-2270
TECH68309 | 2014-01-21
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event Id's 3194, 2270, and 2277 occur when restoring a basket to a PST file using Enterprise Vault Search page

HRESULT: 0x80070005 v-437-2270 Event Type: Warning
TECH50880 | 2014-01-13
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event ID's 3007, 2244, 2270 during archiving imported messages from Google mail

HRESULT: 0x80040107 v-437-2270 Event Type: Error
TECH161045 | 2014-01-13
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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