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Enterprise Vault Event 2270 Warnings - Troubleshooting Digest

Event ID 2270 / v-437-2270 is a Warning message that is logged during any of the following processes: Manual archiving in Outlook or OWA Restoring in Outlook, OWA, and Search.asp (via Basket)
TECH214006 | 2014-10-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event 2270 - Journal Archiving stops processing when encountering a corrupt Exchange message

Exchange Journaling Task for ev_server_name Retrieved a [msgid_archivemailboxex3 (91)] MSMQ message on queue [ ev_server_name \Private$\Enterprise Vault Exchange Journaling Task for exchange_server_name TaskID J3], but it s retry count [4] exceeds the maximum retry limit [3] v-437-2270
TECH226752 | 2015-03-06
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event Id's 3194, 2270, and 2277 occur when restoring a basket to a PST file using Enterprise Vault Search page

HRESULT: 0x80070005 v-437-2270 Event Type: Warning
TECH50880 | 2015-01-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task fails to synchronize mailboxes with folder hierarchy included, and gives Event 2243, "Could not scan user mailbox"

HRESULT: 0x8004010f HRESULT 0x8004010f equates to object could not be found v-437-2270
TECH55804 | 2015-01-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Enterprise Vault Archiving fails when encounters invalid Distribution list or Recipient MAPI attributes.

v-437-3433 v-437-3438 v-437-2270
TECH218131 | 2015-01-05
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event ID's 8390,8391 and 2270 - folder hierarchy inversion - 0xc0041bf0

Description: A queued operation exceeded the retry count and has been discarded v-437-2270 DTRACE Information:
TECH162185 | 2014-11-19
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event ID 2270 during archive run (0x8004010f)

Error: [0x8004010f] v-437-2270
TECH225916 | 2014-10-30
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

When bulk restoring archived items and Exchange Mailbox Quotas are implemented 3196 and 2270 errors are logged and the Mailbox Store EDB file size increases

TECH74833 | 2014-10-13
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event ID 2270 is received with HRESULT 0x800706ba when attempting to retrieve an archived item

RestoreShortcuts = FALSE ); HRESULT: 0x800706ba v-437-2270
TECH146925 | 2014-08-19
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Manually archiving items fails returning Event ID 3288 and 2270 on the Enterprise Vault Server.

v-437-2270 During a DTrace of the ArchiveTask, the following is seen: (ArchiveTask) 369 EV:M CArchivingAgent::archiveitemv35 - lpUserMDB- OpenEntry failed hr = [8004010f].|
TECH125524 | 2014-08-12
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Journal archiving Event 2270 queued operation exceeded the retry count : 0x80040119

Retrieved a [msgid_archivemailboxex3 (91)] MSMQ message on queue [EVJRNLSVR\Private$\Enterprise Vault Exchange Journaling Task for ExchSVR 140218102334 J3], but it s retry count [4] exceeds the maximum retry limit [3]. v-437-2270 DTRACE Information:
TECH222700 | 2014-07-07
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event Id 6578 and 2270 occurs during shortcut processing for shortcuts that do not originate from the mailbox being processed.

Error: [0x80004005] v-437-2270 Alternate 2270 Event observed:
TECH207803 | 2014-05-19
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Event 6578 and 2270 - Occur when 'Archive Exchange Managed Folders' is set to 'Off' during Shortcut Processing

EVPMFolder = FALSE ) HRESULT: 0x80004005 v-437-2270
TECH156217 | 2014-03-27
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Events 3172 and 2270 - Unable to archive an item using Store In Vault button in Outlook.

v-437-3172 v-437-2270
TECH161459 | 2014-03-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Archiving fails with Event ID's 3007, 2244, 2270 causing pending shortcuts

isAReArchive = 1, ArchiveTransId = 90d3b70580e2c5563cf6f8eb95835171 , IndexedPropertiesSet = ); HRESULT: 0x8004011b v-437-2270
TECH157743 | 2014-01-31
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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