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A Synthetic backup operation may intermittently fail with error 0xe0084ca or 0xe0000602 if the baseline or the incremental backups have spanned multiple media

TECH129381 | 2014-10-27
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Details about why policy based monthly duplicate backups will fail.

TECH87512 | 2014-01-16
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Restore jobs or catalog jobs would fail with error "0xe0000602" and "0xe0000900"

Final error category: Backup Media Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link v-79-57344-1538 The query for media sequence number -15878 of this media family was unsuccessful.
TECH179801 | 2013-04-09
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

Only policy based monthly duplicate backups fail.

TECH87580 | 2012-05-25
Technical Solutions | CMS-XML

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