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Status code 96 - No media available

Symantec Online Virtual Assistant for Status code 96

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Welcome to the Symantec Online Virtual Assistant for Status Code 96.

The Symantec Online Virtual Assistant will help you address the NetBackup status code 96 being returned from a backup or duplication job by reviewing the common causes and and solutions.

Exit Status Code 96 Defintion:
The tape manager (bptm) could not allocate new volumes for backups. This indicates the storage unit has no more volumes available in the volume pool specified for the backup. Note that NetBackup will not change storage units during a backup.

Media Selection:
NetBackup has a number of criteria that it uses to determine which tape to use for a backup or duplication job.

1) NetBackup reviews the media manager storage unit definition for the storage unit which will be used for writing. It takes note of the storage unit's media density, and the storage unit's robotic library.

2) NetBackup reviews the volume pool which was selected for use for the backup or duplication.

3) NetBackup reviews the master server's configuration and checks to see is allow mulitple retention periods per media is selected. If allow multiple retentions per media is not selected, NetBackup aditionally reviews the retention period specified for the backup or duplication.

* For optimal tape usage, do not allow multiple retentions per media. Backup images with longer retenion periods may hold tapes assigned when other backup images on that tape have expired such that only a fraction of the tape's capacity is used for backups that have not yet met their retentions.

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