AIM Messenger Upgrade Notifications for AIM Clients 6.8 and earlier.

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AOL has informed Symantec that starting August 16, 2010, they will start pushing mandatory, automatic upgrades of their legacy AOL Instant Messenger 5.x and 6.x clients to the newer AOL Instant Messenger 7.x client.  AOL Instant Messenger users will receive a notice from AOL of the impending upgrades the week of August 9th via an Instant Message upon login.

In the event that your IM Manager install is not configured to support AOL Instant Messenger 7.x, Symantec is providing this notification as a courtesy to you and to allow you to prepare for the upgrade.  Please consider implementing one of the following options before August 16th to avoid any issues with your IM Manager/AOL Instant Messenger deployment.  These steps will allow customer to have additional time to upgrade their environments to the latest AOL Instant Messenger clients.  
Option A: Upgrade Symantec IM Manager to the latest version and configure to support AOL Instant Messenger 7.x clients.  Please see the following KB articles for assistance:
1) How to Upgrade IM Manager to a Newer Version (
2) Methods to Configure AIM 6.X and 7.X IM Clients to Work with IM Manager Without AOL Provisioning (
If you prefer not to upgrade to the latest Symantec IM Manager version at this time, you can temporarily avoid the automatic AOL Instant Messenger 7.x upgrade by identifying yourself to AOL as a Symantec IM Manager user. This can be done by:
Option B: Contact Symantec Support ( and provide your external facing IP address(es) which will then be provided to AOL for temporary whitelisting of automatic AIM upgrades until November 30, 2010.
All information transferred to AOL for the purposes above will be covered by the AOL Privacy Policy.
We strongly recommend Option A, as there are the following implications of running the AIM 5.x and 6.x clients going forward:
•After August 16th, any legacy client used outside of the IM Manager environment will receive an update notice and will no longer be able to log into the AIM service
 •AOL does not guarantee backward compatibility of legacy clients with the AIM network going forward
Please note, responses for Option B need to be submitted to Symantec Support by August 5th, 2010.

Please note, AOL is planning to push out an additional system wide mandatory upgrade on November 30th, 2010.  It is recommended that all customers upgrade to the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger client by that time to avoid additional issues.

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