SRAS 4.0.7 QuickFix_1

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This Quick Fix resolves the following issues:

Issue 1

Offline scan results that are imported through the Data Import page are added to the ProcessQueue but are not evaluated by the PolicyEvaluator service. Offline scans results are the result of manually running the offline scanner agent provided from Module Management > Configuration > Data Import.


Issue 2

If the result for an OVAL patch/vulnerability definition is either ERROR or UNKNOWN, the previous patches/vulnerabilities findings are not closed, which results in multiple false positives.


Issue 3

When creating or requesting policy violation exceptions, the feedback given through the UI is inconsistent. When an exception is requested for a policy violation, the View Host page does not show that the exception was requested when the exception is requested but not approved. On the Exceptions page for the policy, the exception shows as Requested.

To obtain the QuickFix files and documentation, see the related article.

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