Vista and x64 Support for Inventory Solution

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What version of Inventory Solution for Windows works with 64-bit systems?


Officially the full version of Inventory Solution 6.1 SP2 will support 64-bit systems.

On 64-bit Systems Applications can run in emulation mode utilizing the 32-bit wow.dll. The Altiris Agent for SP3 runs in emulation mode. Inventory will only run as 32-bit at this point.

From current tests, the following data classes have not been populated on 64bit systems when running with the current version of Inventory Solution (6.1 SP1):

  • AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts
  • AeX HW Memory Modules: No Data Available
  • AeX HW Mouse: No Data returned
  • AeX HW Serial Number: Populated only when 'Run as Administrator'
  • AeX HW SMBios: Populated only when 'Run as Administrator'
  • AeX HW USB Bus

AeX OS QuickFixEngineering; CustInv collects this which tells me possible problems with CustInv scripts.


AeXSNPlus.exe runs Win16 items be default, which will certainly fail on 64bit platforms.  Add the /NoSNData16 switch to the AeXSNPlus.exe command in the appropriate INI file, for example:

aexsnplus.exe /NoSNData16 /output xml

Other Notes:

The following items are unconfirmed behavior:

  1. The Inventory Agent doesn't create the express\Inventory folder during the download of the package. A 0-byte express file is created. As a consequence inventory isn't being sent up. The fix is to delete the file and inventory package and force another download of the package.
  2. The AeX OS Add or Remove Programs dataclass isn't populating data correctly. They are getting some data but nothing close to what is in Add/Remove Programs. More information on this can be found in article 39284.

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