New features in Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1

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What new features are included in the Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1 release?


New Features in 6.1 SP1 Release

  1. A Software Summary node for viewing the Special Groups summary reports. The Software Summary node is added to the Resource Manager Console under the Summaries tab. This node displays a list of the Special Groups that are removed from the AuditPls.ini file. The Special Groups details are collected from the Audit Software data class. By double-clicking a Special Groups name, you can view its details in the form of summary reports.
  2. Package Multicast option is available. The Disable download via multicast check box is added on the Inventory Tasks page. If you clear this check box, a package is downloaded on the client computer using Multicast technology. Multicasting lets you improve Package Server performance on large networks for large customers using significant amounts of network bandwidth. It protects Package Servers from being overloaded and slow network responses when distributing large packages. Multicasting also reduces the load on the Package Servers by reducing the number of Altiris Agents that connect to the Package Server and decreases network utilization by multicasting package data to peers.
  3. UUID column is added in the AeX HW Serial Number data class. A new Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) column is added in the AeX HW Serial Number data class. The purpose of the UUID column is to enable the distributed systems to uniquely identify the information without a central coordination. You can find the AeX HW Serial Number data class under the Inventory tab of the Resource Manager Console.
  4. VM GUID column is added in the Aex VirutalMachine data class. A new Virtual Machine Global Unique Identifier (VM GUID) column is added in the AeX VirtualMachine data class. The value in this column helps associate the guest computer with the host computer.

    Note: The VM GUID column returns an empty value in Inventory Solution for Windows.
  5. New command-line switch to Exchange Agent for logging. The Exchange agent is provided with a new command-line switch, /debuglog. The new command-line switch lets you log the details of the Exchange agent’s events. The switch writes the trace debugging messages to the ExchPlsDebug.log file. The file is created in the same folder from where the Exchange Agent is executed.

    The /debuglog switch works only in visible mode; that is, it works when the /hidden switch is not used.
  6. New command-line switch added to SNPlus. SNPlus provides a new command-line switch, /snonly. The /snonly switch lets SNPlus report only the system serial number. The asset tag and enclosure information is not reported. If SNPlus is used without the /snonly switch, it will report the system serial number, asset tag, and enclosure to the Notification Server. If the system does not have a serial number, only the asset tag and the enclosure information is reported.

    If the system serial number is incorrect, SNPlus /snonly will not make another attempt to report the serial number.
  7. Inventory Solution SP1 License entry on the Licensing page. In the Altiris Console, under the Configuration tab, a new entry, Altiris Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1 SP1, is added on the Licensing page. This entry indicates that Inventory Solution SP1 is installed.

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