Fixes in Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1

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What fixes are included in the Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1 release?


Section 4: Fixes for Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1

  1. Removed separate Software Special Group data classes from the Notification Database. In Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1, it was found that the separate Special Groups data classes were creating a performance problem while loading inventory to the Notification Server. In the Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1 SP1 release, this problem is solved by removing all the separate Special Groups data classes from the Notification Database and updating the existing AuditPls.ini file with the new AuditPls.ini file, which does not have the separate Special Groups data class entries in it. The information about each Special Groups data classes is now collected into an Audit Software data class.
  2. Normalization of Data classes is not possible for a user having read-only rights. If a user has read-only rights on the normalization page, then he or she cannot normalize any data class on that page.
  3. Software data classes can also be normalized. The software data classes were not normalizing on the Notification Server 5959. All these data classes can now be normalized.
  4. Non-translated English strings found in the localized Operating System are corrected. In the Chinese operating system, the non-translated English strings, found on the Notification Policies page under the Tasks tab are now displayed in Chinese. In the Japanese operating system, the Edit Schedule dialog on the Normalization page was showing some English strings in the schedule. This problem has been resolved in 6.1 SP1. The format of the schedule is changed to 24-hour time. The strings, such as a.m. and p.m., are removed from the Edit Schedule dialog. For example, 9 p.m. is now displayed as 21 hours.
  5. Processor Identification. The speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is now reported accurately as the maximum CPU speed. For clients with hyper-threading processors, the processor count is now correctly reported.
  6. Enhanced Serial Number Agent
    1. Serial Number Agent gathers the serial numbers for Dell Precision Workstation 650 A03* and Dell Optiplex GX240 A05*.
    2. On the clients where the Serial number and Asset number are missing from the BIOS, example: Compaq Evo N410c*, the blue screen dump and restart problem is resolved.
    3. Serial Number Agent now reports Manufacturer and Computer Model on Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1*.
  7. Total physical memory reported correctly. The total physical memory that is random access memory (RAM) is now reported correctly as the total memory installed on a client computer and not the memory shared by the other processors.
  8. Physical memory equal to or more than 2 GB is reported correctly. Earlier, the physical memory of a computer was reported incorrectly if it was equal to or more than 2 GB. This problem is resolved in the 6.1 SP1 release, and the memory is now reported correctly.
  9. Correctly reporting the language for Japanese Microsoft Office* components. The Software Scan agent has a new command line switch, /olf, to correctly report the language for Japanese Microsft Office* components as "Language Neutral."
  10. Corrected Behavior for Command Line Switches. The behaviors for the /o and /outfilename switches of the Machine Inventory agent and the /o switch of AeXInvSoln.exe have been corrected. The /ZFP switch to the Machine Inventory agent will not leave the SIDCACHE entry in the registry. The Serial Number Agent now closes properly when invoked with the /visible and /dd options.
  11. Correctly executing the Recreate Full Inventory task when the Run this task on random schedule (All machines at different times) option is selected. Re-create Full Inventory task, previously unable to execute on selecting the Run this task on random schedule (All machines at different times) option, can now be executed by selecting the same option.
  12. The Normalization progress dialog doesn’t pop-up on refreshing the page after normalization is complete. During normalization, when the data class was normalized with the View progress of Normalization option selected, and the page was refreshed, a normalization progress dialog popped up. This took place even after the data normalization was complete. This issue has been resolved in this version and no dialog pops up on refreshing the page once normalization is complete.
  13. Custom Inventory doesn’t replace the variable names. The custom inventory collected was replacing some variable names used while defining the custom inventory data class. This issue has been resolved and the custom inventory is now collected without replacing the variable names.
  14. No junk characters are displayed for a column of AeX HW Serial Number data class. The Asset Tag column was displaying junk characters if no data was collected for it. The column no longer displays junk characters for this column.
  15. Reports executed without database normalization. The reports were unable to execute without database normalization. This problem is resolved in the 6.1 SP1 release. After you upgrade the Special Groups performance by executing Altiris_SpecialGroupsUpgrade_6_1.exe, you can execute the reports without normalizing the database. For information on upgrade, see Section 2: Installation and Upgrade.
  16. Web Inventory package posts data on the SSL enabled server. A Web Inventory package can now post data on a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled server computer. If the SSL certificate is configured incorrectly, the information about the connection validation error is logged onto a client log file.

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