List of Known Issues with Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1

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What known issues are with Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1?


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Known Issues:

  1. AexNSIViewer6Plus.exe – Modification to schema.xml. After opening an .NSI file in AexNSIViewer6Plus, its data class is looked up in the schema.xml file to determine how the data should be viewed. If the data class cannot be found, the following error is displayed, "XML Parsing Error Encountered, Reason: End tag was not expected at this location".

    To resolve the problem, you need to edit the schema XML file and include the schema for your class. Below is sample schema for a new Software Special Group data class called "Aex SW Altiris":

    <dataClass guid=’{855E6C3D-5555-45A4-979A-0A9FBA9D9238}’ name=’AeX SW Altiris’ manufacturer=’Altiris’ description=’Altiris|Altiris|1.0’ version=’1.0’ platform=’Win32’ type=’’ mifGroup=’’ mifClass=’Altiris|Altiris|1.0’>
                      - <columns> 
                               <column name="Version Number" id="1" isKey="true" isNullable="false" shortName="c0" sqlType="nvarchar (20)" />
                               <column name="Install Path" id="2" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c1" sqlType="nvarchar (128)" />
                               <column name="UseMCast" id="3" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c2" sqlType="int" /> 
                               <column name="TcpAddr" id="4" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c3" sqlType="nvarchar (20)" />
                               <column name="TcpPort" id="5" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c4" sqlType="int" />
                               <column name="MCastAddr" id="6" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c5" sqlType="nvarchar (20)" /> 
                               <column name="MCastPort" id="7" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c6" sqlType="int" />
                               <column name="ConsoleName" id="8" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c7" sqlType="nvarchar (200)" />
                               <column name="TTL" id="9" isKey="false" isNullable="true" shortName="c8" sqlType="int" /> 
  2. Retired Resource.When reporting inventory for a retired resource, you need to execute either Re-create Full Inventory or Re-create User Inventory. This ensures that all your data is reported to the Notification Server and the resource is set back to Active state.
  3. 64-bit Support. Inventory Solution 6.1 SP1 does not support Windows 64-bit platform. The inventory is collected only from a computer that has Windows 32-bit platform.
  4. Executing Reports. In Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1, reports were unable to execute if the data normalization was not done. A message would be shown stating, "Failed to generate the report. This report is based upon data that is not present in your database. You must load the associated data into your database before you will be able to see any report results." You are required to normalize the data to view the reports.
    This problem can be resolved by upgrading Inventory Solution to 6.1 SP1 and running the Altiris_SpecialGroupsUpgrade_6_1.exe file. For information on upgrade, see Section 2 – Installation and Upgrade.
  5. Error is reported in the Notification Server log when upgrading from Inventory Solution 6.0 to 6.1 SP1. When upgrading from Inventory Solution 6.0 to 6.1 SP1, the "Class Name: AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts Class Guid: b50e2401-5865-43ed-95e7-75f06b77d7ce Trying to register a Split Table to a common data table that either does not exists or is not 'common' classtype" error is reported to the Notification Server log file. This error is reported because the AeX HW ActiveTcpUdpPorts data class being accessed in 6.1 SP1 did not exist in 6.0. 

    Note: This error will not affect the upgradation process.
  6. Some computers fail to report data for the AeX HW Memory Modules data class. Some computers fail to report the Physical Memory device inventory in the AeX HW Memory Modules data class. As an alternate method, you can run aexsnplus.exe with the /forcebothsndata command line option to collect this information. You can add this command line option to AeXInvSolnAdm1.INI and AeXInvSolnAdm2.INI file located in: <notification server>\nscap\bin\win32\x86\Inventory Solution.

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