Altiris® Deployment Solution™ 6.8 Release Notes

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What's New in This Release

64-bit Computers

Deployment Solution 6.8 provides native production agents on x64 and Itanium platforms for several Windows and Linux operating systems. Itanium hardware support includes imaging and scripted operating sytem installations. Job conditions, filters, and inventory reporting have been updated to support these platforms.

64-bit WinPE and Linux automation environments are supported for preboot computer management, and several other enhancements have been made to support 64-bit computers.

Deployment Agent Enhancements

Enhancements include reduced-bandwidth inventory collection and new functionality to load balance the automatic update of your existing agents. Live events are now logged (events launched by right-clicking) and server-side scripts no longer require the client be connected to execute. Job status reporting has also been enhanced to let you monitor jobs more closely.

Enhanced Sysprep Support

Deployment Solution 6.8 has tighter sysprep integration. When deploying images prepared using sysprep, you can now add mass storage drivers, select operating system type, and provide the product key directly from the task interface.

Sysprep features are also supported on 64-bit operating systems.


Deployment Solution 6.8 Automation includes an updated Linux automation operating system with new enhancements and drivers. WinPE support has been enhanced with the ability to select the preferred boot model and include components to provide support for Windows scripting, HTML applications, and ADO objects for SQL server connectivity.

Boot Disk Creator provides additional security options to lock the keyboard in all automation environments and functionality to automatically detect when you are missing executables for multiple architectures.


PXE Server has received several enhancements to support auto-detection and booting of 64-bit and Itanium computers. The PXE Config Utility has a new status window providing real time status of the PXE servers in your environment.

When you install a new version of Deployment Solution, the new PXE Server software is detected, downloaded, and installed automatically eliminating the need to manually upgrade.

Additional enhancements include better detection of updated boot images and bandwidth-throttled downloads of boot images across PXE servers in your network. New modes of operation enable PXE servers to work across more diverse networks, and PXE Server can now service multiple NICs. See article 27249, "PXE Modes of Operation," and article 27250, "Enabling PXE Server Multi-NIC Support." The PXE Mode of Operation can easily be set by using the PXE Mode Utility; see article 28035 for more information.

When you upgrade automation operating systems, you now have the option of regenerating PXE boot images with the updated files to avoid manual re-creation.

Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Imaging

Native support is provided to image computers using Linux LVM.

Software Virtualization Solution (SVS)

Native support is included for managing SVS layers, and several SVS sample jobs are included. A trial version of SVS is included with Deployment Solution 6.8.

Installing Deployment Solution 6.8

Deployment Solution 6.8 can be obtained at Deployment Solution 6.8 is a full product installation, and supports upgrading from version 6.1 or later. 

To install, see:

27304: Deployment Solution 6.8 Installation Guide.

To upgrade, see one of the following:

27289: Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.5 SP1
27294: Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.5
27296: Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.1

Supported Platforms

27070: Deployment Solution 6.8 Supported Platforms

Silent Installation

Deployment Solution allows you to walk through the Deployment Solution installation wizard to create an answer file (install.ini) that automatically sets options when running a silent install. For more details on this process, see article 22602.

Customers Using the HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP):

Use the following link to download and install the HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack instead of Deployment Solution 6.5:

Fixes in this Release

The following table contains a list of customer issues that were addressed in Deployment Solution 6.8:



Article ID

Static IP addresses don't work in WinPE Automation Images Automation 17366
Force all new Windows Agents to take default settings not saving proxy options AClient 20457
Selecting the “Secure modification of service properties (with password)" comes back with incorrect password AClient 19065
Duplicate computer names and network settings when imaging with Windows 98 AClient 17861
Deployment of Win98 image halts on Duplicate name error AClient 17861
Right-clicking on computer and then clickin on Wake up doesn't wake up clients AClient 24295
Computer hangs in post configuration when it is trying to join the Domain AClient 22948
Distribute software jobs with the option "Copy directly from file source then execute" fail to install the package   AClient 23887
Win2000 client with Netware client software will not shut down. WinXP works fine with NW Client AClient 3451
Access denied during Veritas backup   AClient 21038
Post image configuration fails to join domain with error 122 line 2212 AClient 26440
(bios 1.15) causing Copy File event to fail with error 112   AClient 24338
Unable to open Notification Server client UI Window AClient 26524
Active Directory OU information does not get reported in Basic Inventory AClient 19568
AClient property Refresh Connection can cause Deployment Server to crash if misconfigured AClient 19196
Cannot lock keyboard in Linux and WinPE environment Automation 25192
Registry Capture in non-DOS pre-boot operating systems fail but report success Automation 20076
Automation partitions with a static IP Address do not synchronize their IP with the production operating system Automation 20765
Add the directive "quiet" to the append line in pxeconfig.0/default. Automation 24348
"This program caused a divide overflow" Automation 24338
Token Replacement for WINPE is being Overwritten by Aclient running in automation Automation 26409
Error 1455 is recorded in the Aclient.log file when attempting to launch rdeploy through WinPE. Automation 26446
 Undefined exit code 2 with RIP distribution Axengine 22800
When using serial number as the primary lookup key, two entries are created in the console instead of one Axengine 20570
RDeploy Does Not Start Multicasting Session if Client Computers Have Multiple NIC and First NIC is Unplugged Axengine   26378
Boot Disk Creator gives error when adding DOS drivers to network card list Boot Disk Creator 19554
There is a limit of 15 characters on the password in the Boot Disk Creator   Boot Disk Creator 18439
"Install/Remove Automation Partition" should be "Create Automation Partition Installer/Uninstaller" Boot Disk Creator 24321
Receiving error "create file winpeoem.sif" when trying to create a WinPE Automation partition BootDisk Creator   24832
Using BootWorks ISO to boot failing as it tries to write to the A Drive Bootworks 21752
BootWorks reports Chassis Manufacturer rather than System Manufacturer Bootworks 24387
BootWorks hangs on Sending Status after imaging a server using a French operating system   Bootworks 24389
Deployment Server 6.1 and 6.5 are adding static routes to the wrong NIC during post configuration after imaging Configuration 24403
Job Wizard gives null permissions error about Modify Configuration Console 20398
Computer name range adds extra zeros Console 20159
New Job Wizard displays "Unable to complete Modify Configuration altiris\n task on (null) Permission is not granted" when creating a distribute image task Console 20037
When selecting a group jobs, then deselecting some of them all the jobs still run Console 19632
Cannot see .EXE file under the Resource view. Console 20992
After turning on DS Security and importing AD users, 32 bit DS console freezes   Console 22145
Wake up Power Control task prompts users that computer needs to be rebooted.   Console 24261
The database has a limit of 128 characters for “Additional Command Line” options Console 26220
Highlighted computers don't get the assigned job unless reselected in the Select Computers Dialog   Console 1096
Unable to successfully copy a job within the DS console that contains user defined tokens within the job's conditions Console 24341
Initial Deployment job is creating two computers with the same MAC address in the database. Console 24349
Deployment Solution 6.5 Win32 console does not scroll smoothly when dragging a computer to a job Console 26380
AD Users that are members of both AD and DS groups are removed from DS Groups and security roles Console 26387
When placing IP addresses into the DNS list of a computer, the computers will have a reversed order of TCP/IP Console 1234
Why are Security Permissions for FSC, IBM, and Dell Computer objects are not listed in the SecurityPermission table? Database 20131
Connectivity issues trying to connect to the Deployment Server database Database 22609
Renaming computer groups does not update them in all relevant database tables Database 24334
Locking Public on Deployment Solution database can cause issues with rights in Deployment Server Database 22512
Dsdbsecurity.exe only works on databases named "express" Database 26426
Recursive Triggers is not set on DS database if the name is not "express" Database 20521
Web Console does not allow actions or login even though the user's security is set correctly Datamanager 23694
Collection query needs to be updated "Machines without Current Deployment Agent" Deployment Agent   19164
Deployment Solution DBScrape does not gather information from all required tables in Deployment Solution 6.5 build 299   Deployment Agent   25880
Deployment Solution Agent configuration passwords should be persistent DS Scrape 20217
When installing Deployment Solution (NS DSVIEW), the installation is looking for *pt.config files but cannot locate them. DS View 19572
When viewing a DS collection inside of Notification Server with more than 3000 computers the process times out DS View 24318
Deployment Solution database errors if the service account doesn't have full SQL System Administrator rights Installation 22864
Security issues with the Deployment Server database Installation 22609
The SQL Server name field is too short in Deployment Solution setup in DS setup Installation 18069
AxInstall fields are too small to display standard 15 characters computer name Installation 20757
Default pre-boot operating system selection does not remain if you click Back Installation 26223
Installing DS with multiple NICs will not show an error even if it should Installation 24336
Port could be confusing Installation 26386
Error 170 when running silent install of Deployment Solution 6.5 or 6.8 with remote Named instance of SQL server Installation 26434
PCIDetect is not loading the correct driver for the Intel Pro 100 NIC PCIDetect 24300
Custom PXE boot images with more than two layers fail to load additional layers   PXE 26054
Deployment Solution 6.5 SP1 PXE Boot image deployment lack of throttling during initial PXE install PXE 26441
User is prompted for user ID and password when starting PXE Configuration from Deployment Solution   PXE Config 18300
Problem with quotes in the command line entry for WinPE Rdeploy Rdeploy 23565
User must tab out of the location text entry box to have the Next button available when running RDeploy manually Rdeploy 17904
Error 41 after an image is downloaded to the machine through PXE with Linux preboot environment Rdeploy 24401
Rdeploy errors with memory allocation failure when imaging a Japanese operating system on customer's computer Rdeploy 26228
Rdeploy is limited to imaging nine hard disks Rdeploy 18761
When running Rdeploy manually and creating the lastrun.cfg file for post image configuration the Password is not encrypted Rdeploy 26437
Linux multicast doesn't recover after disconnect Rdeploy 23984
DS DBScrape does not gather information from all required tables in Deployment Solution 6.5 build 299 Scrape 25880
When creating answer file for scripted install via wizard, time zone for Japan (Tokyo) is misspelled as Tokio Scripted OS Install 21023
REM BOOTWORKS UNLOAD no longer works in scripts Scripts 20430
If you change the account password in the Control Panel Applet, it will return an error of "The account name xxxxx is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified"
Cannot use tokens inside the Sysprep settings window in a distribute Sysprep 22247
When distributing a software package folder thru the Aclient whose executable references another file in the working directory the message "File not found" will be displayed. Task/Job 22124
Additional command-line switches limited to 100 characters Task/Job 22050
Copy File to tasks will not copy a file larger than 2 GB in size Task/Job 21927
Building Blade servers using Initial Deployment Task/Job 21169
Cannot create or modify a "Create Disk Image" or "Distribute Disk Image" job that includes using the "Prepare using Sysprep" option Task/Job 20848
SQL errors when importing jobs into Deployment Solution 6.5 Task/Job 20621
After importing a Disk Image task that is configured for Sysprep the task cannot be modified Task/Job 24326
Character Limit for the Additional command-line switches prevents the ability to install Altiris agent using all the proper parameters   Task/Job 22050
Scripted operating-system partition size does not stick if using percentage size Task/Job 21217
Repeating scheduled jobs stop their schedule if the job returns a non zero return code Task/Job 3802
Task Return Handler associations removed on import of job Task/Job 17755
Jobs with return codes other then 0 will not repeat Task/Job 24335
OS scripted install process for ESX server sample job fails to install correctly   Task/Job 26443
Cannot enter Linux file paths in imaging jobs when automation type is set to "Default Automation" Task/Job 26447
When clicking outside of data grid in Scripted OS Install wizard after entering value causes value not to be saved. Task/Job 26541
Scripted operating system install returns an error of "Unable to find xxxxxxx.bat" Task/Job 21821
Axsched is setting the Repeat job to run every 0 minutes and this causes some jobs to repeat Utilities 24303
Command line utilities are not properly documented to refer to new options for SQL instances Utilities 24333
Web Console Login for username is case sensitive Web Console 19572
Exception is thrown if a duplicate server name with a trailing space is entered via the Web console Web Console 21716
DS Web Console does not support user names with spaces Web Console 24397
Incorrect number of fields in the import computer file when importing computers through the DS Web console Web Console 26381
Web Console errors out when searching within large groups with approx 4600 members   Web Console 26382
Web console very slow when assigning a job folder with multiple jobs in that folder to computers WebConsole 18335
An extra zero is added to the end of a computer name if zero is the last digit when creating a virtual machine in the Web Console WebConsole 26429
Inconsistent UI behaviors between Web and 32-bit console Windows Console 20063
After turning on DS Security and importing AD users, 32 bit DS console freezes Windows Console 16854
VMware virtual center will not sync with Deployment Solution if Deployment Solution security is enabled Windows Console 23627
When trying to change the bay names in the console, they do not return in order Windows Console 23570
Users are getting permissions they are not granted when they drag jobs Windows Console 22983
Configuration Job: When using minus (-) sign to set domain suffix, Deployment Solution says "Domain suffix is not a valid suffix" Windows Console 22294
Deployment Solution will only schedule the jobs at a fraction of the number set in the batch Windows Console 1150
Cannot see .EXE files under Images from Resource view Windows Console 20992
German language error- Button size is too small to fit the description Windows Console 20569
A second child domain at the same level as other child domains not allow for user authentication from second domain if AD group is used Windows Console  26724

Known Issues

The following table contains Known Issues in Deployment Solution 6.8.

Note: Many of these issues have viable workarounds that are noted in the article.



 Article ID

LVM images are captured in RAW mode if using non-Linux automation environment.  Rdeploy  27261
Executing wlogevent in 64-bit WinPE automation gives error 128  Automation  27258
Power control functions do not work on older HP Integrity Systems  Console  27257
Rdeploy may fail when creating an image using HTTP and the “Make an Image Index” (.imx) option  Rdeploy  27256
Error: DBInstaller.exe can’t create eXpress database on SQL Server 2005  Installation  27262
Client computers running the 6.8 version of the Deployment Agent do not automatically downgrade if connected to a 6.5 server  Agent  27255
64-bit client computers running 32-bit operating systems are reported as 32-bit computers  Agent  27248
Computers using nVidia nForce NICs cannot connect to the network in WinPE  Automation  27246
CEClients do not shut down properly when logging is enabled  Agent  27245
Assigning SVS Agent Install job to a 64-bit computer fails  Task/Job  27244
Automation partitions are not supported on systems using LVM  Automation  27243
Blank information fields are displayed when changing Linux Production Agent settings in the Deployment Console  Agent  27242
Clients are looping and not running the next task  Automation  28332

Additional Known Issues may be found here.

Document History

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 09/14/2006  Initial release.

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