How to set up a dedicated server to the non-balanced Recovery Solution cluster

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How do I set up a dedicated server to the non-balanced Recovery Solution cluster?

It is possible to convert non-balanced cluster to a so-called balanced one and add an additional server that will run the RS client jobs only. This is possible because the first RS Server that was installed to the RS cluster (i.e. the server with the lowest ID in the database) is always responsible for the server jobs. In order to accomplish this specify the IP of the second RS Server as the IP of the RS Cluster.

Here is what needs to be done:

  1. Make sure all the storage location paths for all the storage groups and storage locations are specified in the UNC and are not local; otherwise, it will not be possible to convert the non-balanced cluster to the balanced one.
  2. Go to Cluster Properties under the General tab.
  3. Check the "Cluster is using load balancer."
  4. Select Other Load Balancer. Leave the user information blank.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Make sure that the server PC that will become an additional RS Server has NS Client on it and that it is pointing to the correct Notification server that has the Recovery Solution on it.
  7. Go to the RS Server Install.
  8. Install an additional RS server to the second server.
  9. Wait till the new RS server is installed. (Note: It may take some time to complete, depending on how often the NS Agent is configured to communicate with the NS. Monitor the process using the Event Viewer on the target PC or Altiris Agent properties. It is possible to force the installation procedure though by forcing the Altiris Agent to request an updated configuration policy.)
  10. Now there are two RS servers installed to the cluster, but the second one is useless until the RS Cluster IP address is changed from the IP of the first RS server (currently responsible for all the jobs) to the second one (that will run client jobs only).

Applies to Recovery Solution 6.1 and higher.

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