Local Recovery Pro 6.2 SP1 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about the 6.2 SP1 release of Altiris® Local Recovery Pro™ software?


Release Notes for Altiris® Local Recovery Pro™ 6.2 SP1

Installation and Upgrade

New Features in this Release

Fixes in this Release

Known Issues

Additional Documentation

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Installation and Upgrade

Altiris® Local Recovery Pro™ protects operating systems, applications, and data stored on desktops, workstations and notebooks from unintentional changes, accidental deletions, and catastrophic loss from OS failure and virus corruption. By taking daily snapshots automatically, the solution works seamlessly and unobtrusively to protect your systems and data without affecting user productivity.

Altiris® Local Recovery Pro™ will only work on systems running Microsoft* Windows* 2000 Professional SP3, Windows XP Home and Professional Editions, and Windows 2003. The local recovery products support all IDE hard drive controllers, Serial ATA controllers, some RAID controllers, and standard Adaptec* and LSI Logic* series SCSI controllers currently shipping from Altiris OEM partners. Other supported controllers are listed in the last chapter of the Local Recovery Pro Help. During the installation of Local Recovery Pro, if an unsupported device driver is detected, the user will receive an installation error indicating that unsupported drivers have been detected. If these drivers have been loaded as part of an existing factory image and there is not a dependent device in the system, removal of the driver from the Device Manager in Windows should correct the problem and allow installation to occur normally.

New Features in this Release

New Features in Local Recovery Pro 6.2 SP1

Feature Description

1.      Full System Recovery Enhancements

The Full System Recovery method is used in a variety of situations such as fixing an operating system that cannot start or recovering data to a replaced hard disk or stolen notebook. This functionality has been extended to allow recovery from a Full System Recovery DVD-ROM. Full System Recovery from DVD features the following elements:

  • Full System Recovery DVD Wizard to create DVD ISO images from a Full System Snapshot;
  • Recovery DVD-ROM set used to restore an entire protected computer to a previous state;
  • Optional password protection of Full System Recovery images;
  • Dual-layer (8GB) DVD support;
  • The right enabling Local Recovery users to create Recovery DVDs on protected computers controllable by administrator through the Local Recovery Agent Settings policy in the Altiris Console.

Note: Local Full System Recovery is supported only for DVD-ROM drives connected to native IDE controllers or controllers set to work in IDE compatibility mode, hence USB or Serial ATA controllers without IDE compatibility mode are not supported.

2.      Notify When a Scheduled Snapshot Fails Option

You can control the showing of the “Snapshot competed with errors” message on protected computers through the Local Recovery Agent Settings policy in the Altiris Console and in Recovery Agent Options on the client side.

3.      RS Agent Local Mode Prerequisite Package Update

This new functionality allows adding support for new hardware in local mode of Recovery Solution and in Local Recovery Pro. An updated Local Mode Prerequisite package can be provided either from Altiris Console or during Recovery Agent installation. For more information, see the Distribute Local Mode Prerequisite Package topic in the Local Recovery Pro Help.

New Features in Local Recovery Pro 6.2

This section includes changes made since the last product release or service pack. It also includes all information included in hot fixes made since the last product release or service pack.

Feature Description

1.      Hide and Password Protect F11 Recovery Prompt

The F11 Local Recovery prompt appearing at the startup of a protected computer can be now hidden and password protected. The feature is controllable through the console by an administrator as well as through Agent Options on the client side. Note: This option is disabled by default.

2.      Local Mode Prerequisite Package

The Local Recovery Agent Prerequisite Package file contains the Recovery Agent Partition component that is required for running the Local Recovery Agent. By default, the package is downloaded during Recovery Agent setup from http://www.solutionsam.com/imports/6_2/recovery. Alternatively, you can manually copy the package to C:\Program Files\Altiris folder on a client computer before agent installation, or use the Local Recovery Agent Setup command-line parameters to specify a non-default location path.

3.      Partitioning Restore during F11 Recovery

If a user replaced a hard disk or modified the partitioning after initial snapshot, the user can choose to re-create partitioning layout during the local F11 recovery providing that the hardware remains the same (example: The disk was replaced with a disk of the same type and size, or of a larger size).

4.      Hardware RAID Support

The following RAID controllers are supported for snapshot and recovery:

  • Dell* PERC 4e/Si RAID Controller
  • Dell PERC 4e/Di RAID Controller
  • Dell PERC 4/DC RAID Controller
  • Dell PERC 3/Di
  • Dell PERC 3/DC
  • Dell CERC SATA 6ch RAID
  • HP* SmartArray 641
  • HP SmartArray 5i
  • HP NetRAID-2M
  • IBM* ServeRAID 3L Controller
  • Adaptec* 3940D
  • LSI Logic* Megaraid SCSI 320-2 RAID

5.      F11 Recovery from Removable Media

Local Recovery Pro lets you create the Altiris Recovery Partition on a non-system hard disk drive, including removable media such as USB or FireWire. In case your system drive fails, you can connect the drive that contains the Recovery partition, and then start the computer using this drive to perform the Full System Recovery.

6.      Silent Installation and Registration of the Recovery Agent

Recovery Agent installation process is furthermore simplified. User no longer needs to physically log on to the computer in order to complete the installation. Administrators can specify additional command-line parameters during Recovery Agent setup (\BWPart and \BWVolume), which guarantee the unattended installation with no user input required during the Altiris Partition creation.

7.      New Localizations

The 6.2 release of Local Recovery Pro has been localized into Russian and Dutch.

Feature Enhancements

Feature Description

1.      Improved Snapshot Performance

The performance of snapshots has been furthermore improved in the current release. The Scanning files phase now takes up to 300% less time on slow computers depending on system configuration.

2.      Enhanced Exclude List Filtering Capabilities

It is possible to add exceptions to the Excludes list manually or import them from the .xml file. The files you add to the list of exceptions will not be excluded from manual and automatic snapshots.

Fixes in this Release

The following issues were resolved in this release.

 Fixed Issue
Windows XP Fast User Switching and Terminal Services Support

Local Recovery Agent setup and configuration can be performed over Terminal Services connection. In addition, Local Recovery Pro now supports Windows XP Fast User Switching on protected computers.

Windows 2003 SP1 Support

Local Recovery Pro supports Windows 2003 Server SP1.

Windows 2003 Server R2 Support

Local Recovery Pro supports Windows 2003 Server R2.

Known Issues

The following are the known issues found in this release.

 Known Issue
Encrypted Files Cannot Be RFE’ed to Same but Non-Encrypted Files

Non-Encrypted Files
Due to encryption keys being user specific, it is not possible to gain the benefits of redundant file elimination when comparing two identical files if one is encrypted and the other is not.

Different Wallpaper Screen Appears During System Rollback

During a system rollback, a different wallpaper screen, such as the default wallpaper screen, may be displayed. This is normal and all settings will be restored after the rollback is completed.

Firewall Settings Not Restored On Windows XP

After performing a network settings rollback on Windows XP computers, firewall settings may not be restored. In these cases, firewall settings must be restored manually.

Dynamic Volumes are not supported

The current release of Local Recovery Pro does not dynamic disks on protected computers.

No support for TPM security chip

Protected computers using the TPM* security chip are not supported with this release of Local Recovery Pro.

User Logon Screen Changed To Classic Windows Style While Installing Altiris Local Recovery

When a Windows XP computer is restarted during the installation of Local Recovery, the classic Windows logon screen is displayed even if the Use Welcome Screen (icons) and Use Fast User Switching options are selected. The selected logon screen will be correctly displayed after the installation and first snapshot is completed.

Local Recovery Drive Controller Support

During the installation of Local Recovery if an unsupported device driver is detected the user will receive an installation error indicating that unsupported drivers have been detected.  If these drivers have been loaded as part of an existing factory image and there is not a dependent device in the system, removal of the driver from the Device Manager in Windows should correct the problem and allow installation to occur normally.

Altiris Embedded BootWorks Partition

Local Recovery places the contents of snapshots into a hidden Altiris partition. Altiris® Deployment Solution™ 6.1 and earlier Embedded BootWorks (EBW) partition and the Altiris partition cannot reside simultaneously on the same physical drive.  If you have an EBW partition and you attempt to install and/or create an Altiris partition, the installation will fail with an error message instructing you remove the EBW partition prior to creating the Altiris partition. If you wish to keep an EBW partition and have computer backup and recovery capabilities, you must upgrade and use Altiris Recovery Solution in network mode only.

Note: Deployment Solution 6.5 EBW partitions are supported.

Using Third Party Imaging Tools on a Computer Containing an Altiris Partition

If you need to image a computer that has an Altiris partition on its drive, you will need to use Altiris RapiDeploy from Altiris Deployment Solution 6.5 Hotfix 2. It is not possible to successfully image and preserve an Altiris partition using some older versions of RapiDeploy or by using the products of another company.

Issues with Dual-Boot

Local Recovery requires that the OS should be installed to the same disk from which the BIOS boots. This especially can be a problem in a dual-boot environment. In order for Local Recovery to work correctly in a dual-boot environment, it must be installed under an OS that is installed on the booting disk.

The Following RAID Adapters are not supported
  • NVIDIA* SATA RAID (Compaq* xw9300)
  • Promise Fasttrac* TX2000
  • Promise FastTrak* TX2200
  • Silicon Image* 3112A RAID
System Restore Doesn't Work When DISK0 is a Removable Drive

If Altiris Partition was created on a removable hard disk drive (FireWire* or USB) that is set as Disk0 in computer’s BIOS, rollback will fail.

Issues with Intel 945G Express Chipset

Altiris partition creation fails on a Parallel ATA IDE* hard disk drive attached to Intel® 945G Express* Chipset with Standard ATA\ATAPI Dual Channel controller.

Snapshot Excludes with Wildcards May Not Work

If you use wildcards to specify an excluded folder (Example: c:\Folder*) and add exceptions to it, a folder with a matching name and its files will be backed up nevertheless. To work around the problem do not use wildcards to specify excludes with exceptions or do not add exceptions to excludes with wildcards.

Full System Recovery from USB or SATA DVD Drives is not Supported

Full System Recovery is supported only for DVD drives connected to native IDE controllers or controllers set to work in IDE compatibility mode. USB or Serial ATA controllers without IDE compatibility mode are not supported.

Partition Corruption Message Appears During F11 Recovery from USB HDD

The problem may occur during F11 recovery from USB HDD. The following message is displayed: “Agent partition corruption was detected”. The workaround is to select Yes to force the partition check. After computer restart and booting back to Windows the problem should not reoccur.

Compatibility Issue with Recovery Agent and Senforce Endpoint Security Software

Recovery Agent is unable to snapshot certain drivers associated with Senforce EndPoint Security software due to specific security restrictions put in place by Senforce. The workaround is to add the folder %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\stss to the Recovery Agent Excludes (Altiris Console > Configuration tab > Solution Settings > Incidents management > Recovery Solution > Recovery Agent Settings >  Excludes tab). After that, the snapshots should complete without a problem.
No Support for Microsoft Windows Vista and 64-bit Operating Systems

The current version does not support Microsoft Windows Vista and 64-bit operating systems. Note that it will not be possible to install the Recovery Agent on a 64-bit operating system as the setup will quit once 64-bit operating system is detected.

Unable to Browse FSR image with Internet Explorer 7

When you try browsing a Full System Recovery CD or DVD on a computer that has Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 installed, the following error appears "Windows cannot find '(null)' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again". Note, that the problem only occurs on attempt to browse drives, the restore of the whole drive works fine. The workaround is to use a computer that does not have the Internet Explorer 7 installed on it.

Additional Documentation

Altiris product documentation is available in Microsoft HTML Help* (.chm) and Adobe Acrobat* (.pdf) formats. To view Altiris product documentation in .pdf format, use Adobe Acrobat Reader* (available at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html).

Documentation files are installed in the following directory on the Altiris® Notification Server™ computer: C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Notification Server\NSCap\Help

You can access documentation from the Altiris Console by clicking the following icons in the upper-right corner of the console:

 Access the contextual online help by clicking the online help icon.
 Access an index of all installed help by clicking the index icon.

Altiris Information Resources

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Altiris Knowledgebase Comprehensive collection of articles, incidents, and issues for Altiris solutions. http://kb.altiris.com/
Altiris Juice:
an online magazine for Altiris users
Best Practices, tips and tricks, and articles for users of Altiris solutions. http://www.altiris.com/juice
Online Forums Forums for Altiris solutions and suites. http://forums.altiris.com/

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