Tasks Provided by Altiris Task Server

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What are the Tasks provided by Altiris Task Server?

Tasks Provided by Altiris Task Server

The following are the tasks that are provided by Altiris Task Server. Other tasks become available when you install Altiris Solutions that have tasks.

Client Tasks

 Task Name Description
 Power Control Control power options for client computers.
 Script Lets you run scripts on client computers (DOS Command Script, VBScript, and JavaScript).
 Service Control Starts, stops, restarts, pauses, resumes, and gets status on Windows services. Example: You can stop and start the Altiris Agent on one or more client computers.
 SVS Command Modifies virtual software layers using Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution. commands.
 Policy Control Enables or disables any policy.
 Send E-mail Sends an e-mail. Example: You can send a form e-mail after a certain task runs.
Click Advanced to select input parameters. The parameters you select are available for input when the task runs.
Note: The e-mail text can only be entered when the task is created.
 Server Script Runs a script on Notification Server (DOS Command Script, VBScript, and JavaScript).
 SQL Query Runs an SQL statement against the Notification Database.

 Note: This information can be also found in the Help Guide Documentation for the Altiris Task Server.

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