Altiris® Application Metering Solution™ 6.1 SP2 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about Altiris® Application Metering Solution™ 6.1 SP2?


Altiris® Application Metering Solution™ 6.1 SP2

Build number 6.1.32

Release Notes


Installation and Upgrade

New Features in this Release

Fixes in this Release

Known Issues in this Release

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Application Metering Solution lets you discover and monitor applications on managed computers. When you monitor an application, you can deny its use. If you use Application Metering Solution with Altiris® Inventory Solution® software, you can determine which installed applications are not being used so that you can uninstall them and use them elsewhere.

Installation and Upgrade


  • Notification Server 6.0 R4 or later
  • Client computer's running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or Vista 
  • Altiris Agent 6.0 R4 or later on client computers 


  1. In the Altiris Console, select:
    (Altiris Console 6.0.) The Configuration tab
    (Altiris Console 6.5.) Configure > Solution Center
  2. (Altiris Console 6.0 only.) In the left pane, select Upgrade/Install Additional Solutions.
  3. Click the Available Solutions tab.
  4. Click the Solutions tab.
  5. Click the Altiris Application Metering Solution link.
  6. Click Start.

When you install Application Metering Solution, it also installs any dependencies that are not already installed. This includes a version of Altiris® Patch Management SolutionTM software that does not require the consumption of a Patch Management Solution license. Altiris® Package Rule Management software is also a dependency of Application Metering Solution.

If you have Patch Management Solution 6.1 installed, it is upgraded to 6.2.

Upgrade Issues

If you perform and upgrade, the default settings of the solution are restored. You will need to reconfigure these settings.

New Features in this Release

Improvements for this release include the following new features:

Windows Vista Compliance

All features of Application Metering Solution function properly with client computers that are running the Windows* Vista operating system. This includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista.

64-Bit Support

All features of Application Metering Solution run in 32-bit emulation mode on 64-bit client computers.

Fixes in this Release

The following issues were resolved in this release. For additional information regarding a fixed issue, click on the Article ID link.

 Fixed Issue Article ID
Documentation was being installed to a hard coded path.
Summary NSE was missing closing XML tags. 31887
Application Metering does not install correctly on NS 6.0.5287 28753

Known Issues in this Release

The following are known issues in this release. For additional information regarding a known issue, click on the Article ID link.

 Known Issue Article ID
The collection "Clients Requiring Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade" does not exclude all Windows Server computers.  26297
Summary data from a monitor policy with multiple executables is not complete. 32235
Application Metering dependencies do not always get installed. 26539
How can I reclaim Application Metering licenses from client computers? 33634

Additional Documentation

Altiris product documentation is available in Microsoft* HTML Help (.CHM) and Adobe Acrobat* (.PDF) formats. To view Altiris product documentation in .PDF format, use Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at:

Documentation files are installed in the following directory on the Altiris® Notification Server™ computer:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Help.

The following documentation is provided with Application Metering Solution

Application Metering Solution Help

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