What happens during a snapshot of the client computer by the Recovery Solution Agent?

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What happens during an initial snapshot of the client computer by the Recovery Solution Agent?

The following is the process of the snapshot of the client computer by the Recovery Solution Agent:

  1. Snapshot is initiated manually after Recovery Solution agent registration or scheduled snapshot is initiated as per the snapshot schedule.
  2. Snapshot of registry is completed.
  3. Full system Recovery information is gathered.
  4. Open File Manager performs synchronization.
  5. Files and folders are scanned by the Recovery Agent. At the scanning file and folders stage, it is decided which files and folders will be included in snapshot. DTF is created.
  6. Preparation for RBE and RFE calculation is also done on the scanning stage.
  7. File transfer is initiated.
  8. RBE and RFE calculation will be initiated (if required).
  9. Files and folders are transferred for the drives.
  10. Snapshot completes.
  11. DTF file is created and stored to %Program Files%\Altiris\express\Client Recovery Agent\Data\C.

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