Altiris® Real-Time Console Infrastructure™ 6.3 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about the 6.3 release of Altiris® Real-Time Console Infrastructure™?


Altiris® Real-Time Console Infrastructure™ 6.3

Build number 6.3.1066

Release Notes


Installation and Upgrade

What's New in this Release

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Known Issues in this Release

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Altiris® Real-Time Console Infrastructure™ software provides the necessary infrastructure for one-to-one real-time management using Altiris® Real-Time System Manager Solution™ and lets you perform one-to-many out-of-band management tasks on a collection of computers with ASF or Intel® vPro technology (Intel® AMT).
With Real-Time Console Infrastructure you can handle connection settings for ASF, Intel AMT, WMI and SNMP technologies to use in out-of-band tasks and for real-time management.

Installation and Upgrade

The requirements for installing Real-Time Console Infrastructure are listed below.


Real-Time Console Infrastructure requires the following:

  • Altiris Notification Server 6.0 SP3 or later
  • Altiris Task Server 6.0 or later

Where to Download

You can download released versions of Altiris products from

You can download beta versions of Altiris products from

New Installation

When installed from the Solution Center, Real-Time Console Infrastructure is installed automatically with either of the following solutions:

  • Altiris® Out of Band Management Solution™ 6.2
  • Altiris Real-Time System Manager Solution 6.3

Upgrade Issues

No upgrade issues in this release.

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade Real-Time Console Infrastructure, go to Solution Center and start installation of either Out of Band Management Solution or Real-Time System Manager Solution (or both, if you have both installed - Real-Time Console Infrastructure will not work with older versions of these solutions). The Solution Center will automatically detect components that need to be upgraded.

What's New in this Release

Out of Band Server Tasks are Now Part of Real-Time Console Infrastructure

Out-of-band one-to-many management tasks have been moved from Out of Band Management Solution to Real-Time Console Infrastructure.

Connection Credentials Profiles

Real-Time Console Infrastructure lets you configure connection credentials profiles that you can use when either running Real-Time Console Infrastructure one-to-many management tasks or connecting to a single computer with Real-Time System Manager solution. Each connection credentials profile can contain WMI, ASF, Intel AMT, and SNMP credentials and you can create different connection credentials profiles to use on different collections of computers.

The connection credentials profiles replace connection settings databases introduced in Out of Band Management Solution 6.1 SP1.

Fixes in this Release

The following issues were resolved in this release. For additional information regarding a fixed issue, click the Article ID link.

Fix Article ID

Known Issues in this Release

The following are unresolved issues in this release. For additional information regarding a known issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID

Running Out-of-Band Tasks on Intel AMT Computers

To run out-of-band Intel AMT tasks on a computer from the Altiris Console, a computer resource representing the computer must be present in the Notification Database. If there is no such resource in the database, do one of the following:

  • Install the Altiris Agent on the client computer and send basic inventory.
  • As an alternative for agentless management, if you know the Intel AMT administrative password, run Network Discovery with the "Create NS Resources for: AMT/ASF Devices" option selected.
  • For Intel AMT computers that you provisioned in enterprise mode with Out of Band Management Solution, run the Resource Synchronization policy. The resources appear in the View > Resources > Collections > Out of Band Management > Provisioning > Provisioned Intel AMT Computers collection. This option also does not require the Altiris Agent to be installed.

Managing Intel AMT Computers Provisioned with TLS

Before you run out-of-band Intel AMT tasks on computers provisioned in enterprise mode with Transport Layer Security (TLS) enabled, make sure you have configured trusted domain suffixes on the Intel AMT Settings tab (View > Configuration > Solution Settings > Real-Time Console Infrastructure > Configuration).


Using Runtime Connection Credentials Profile on Intel AMT Computers

If you want to use the Runtime connection credentials profile to connect to an Intel AMT computer, provisioned in enterprise mode with Out of Band Management Solution, run the Resource Synchronization policy to ensure that the connection credentials stored in the Intel SCS database are mapped to the computer resource you want to manage.

We recommend that you run the Resource Synchronization policy on schedule to ensure that all Intel AMT resources are mapped properly.


"Restore State" Power Action Cannot Restore S4 and S3 States 

The Restore State power action is not capable of putting computers into Stand-by (S3) or Hibernate (S4) states. Because of this, the Restore State power action powers off (if needed) the computer in an attempt to restore the Hibernate (S4) state and powers on (if needed) to restore the Stand-by (S3) state.


Incorrect Task Results (ASF)

On some computers with Broadcom firmware, ASF Power Management tasks return "Success" or "ASF credentials not valid" even though the power action could not be performed because Power Management is not allowed for the specified ASF user role.


Unknown State after "Power Off" Action (ASF)

The system state is reported as "Unknown" for a computer where the ASF "Power Off" power action was performed. This is a current ASF technology limitation. 

This problem is manifested in the following scenarios:

  • It is impossible to run a job such as Power Off > perform another task > Restore State.
  • It is impossible to run a job such as the following twice: Power On > perform another task > Restore State.

Powering Off Intel ASF from S3 State (ASF)

Some Intel ASF hardware does not support power off from S3 state. You can try to power on the computer and then run the power off command again. Broadcom ASF does not have this problem.


ASF Credentials for the Administrator Role Only (ASF)

ASF credentials provided in the Real-Time Console Infrastructure configuration page are for the Administrator role only.


Additional Documentation

Altiris product documentation is available in Microsoft* HTML Help (.CHM) and Adobe Acrobat* (.PDF) formats. To view Altiris product documentation in .PDF format, use Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at:

Documentation files are installed in the following directory on the Altiris® Notification Server™ computer:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Help.

The following documentation is provided:

Altiris Real-Time Console Infrastructure Help
Altiris Real-Time Console Infrastructure Release Notes

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