Altiris™ Network Discovery 7.0 from Symantec Release Notes

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Network Discovery, a free plug-in component for Notification Server, lets you discover all IP devices connected to your network. Network Discovery lets you find new network devices, identify previously-discovered network devices that are no longer found, and find network devices whose discovery properties have changed.

See the following sections for information about this release:

Features of this Release

The following are features of this release:

Network Discovery task

Network Discovery is performed by running tasks that are part of the Notification Server task management component. The discovery data is sent to the Notification Server computer and stored in the CMDB.

Installation and Upgrade

  • Notification Server 7.0
New Installation

Installation and upgrade is managed through the Symantec Installation Manager. To begin an installation or an upgrade, go to the following URL:

Upgrade Issues
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Upgraded data

The following 7.x data classes have their data populated from the 6.x data classes:

Base type is Infrastructure Device with associated data classes:

      • Device Identification
      • Device Details
      • Device Network Interface
      • Device SNMP Info
      • Device TCP/IP
      • Discovery Task
      • AMT Network Info
      • ASF Network Info

The following data classes are not imported:

    • Device Bridge Port
    • Medium Member
Upgrade Steps

You can upgrade Inventory for Network Devices 6.x by running the Symantec Installation Manager on a computer with Notification Server 6.x installed. You must first upgrade your 6.x Notification Server to Symantec Management Platform 7.0. During the upgrade of Notification Server, you have the option to upgrade from Inventory for Network Devices 6.x to Inventory for Network Devices 7.0.

For more information, see the Symantec Management Installation Guide.

Known Issues in this Release

The following are unresolved issues in this release. For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID Internal ID 
Using Connection Profiles

Network Discovery tasks use connection profiles to configure the protocols that are used to communicate with network devices. How you use protocols and connection profiles has important ramifications on how Network Discovery is able to discover devices.

Enabling WSMAN could cause a crash

It is possible that enabling WSMAN within a connection profile may cause a crash. This issue is only present in some beta releases and will not be present in the final release version.

Available tasks must be manually updated to see the new tasks created by the wizard

The list of available tasks (in the Home page) is not automatically updated after a new task is created with the Discovery Task Wizard.

Hierarchy issues

SNMP Device Classification tables do not replicate down.


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