What issues have been fixed in Deployment Solution 6.9?

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What issues have been fixed in Deployment Solution 6.9?


The following issues have been resolved in Deployment Solution 6.9. For additional information regarding a fixed issue, click the Article ID link.

Description Article ID
Remote PXE Config Helper loses connection to PXE Manager 41218 
Use of RapiDeploy with the -Raw switch breaks logical partition 39380
PXE server update process never completes in the PXE Configuration utility 39111
Device IDs that start with '0' cannot be added in Bootdisk Creator in DOS 38968
DAgent doesn't join Vista workstation to the domain if Post configuration is part of the command line 38477
Win32 console Tools > Options GUI option does not retain setting after being modified 38570
Remote Agent Installer cannot install DAgent on Vista computers 32094
"Starts with filter" within the console does not filter correctly 27091
User info is not captured in history during a remote control 33071
Altiris Console Collections in the Deployment Solution Web Console loads slowly or times out 35052
Console administrators are unable to modify global options to "Remove inactive computers after x days" 36401
Remote Agent Installer exits when "Return to wizard" button is clicked 33540
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint "PK_HARDWARE" 33432
AClient and DAgent do not restore the network stack properly after a create image job on systems that have NetXtreme II family of network controllers 36499
Selecting change production agent settings to multiple computers with different "Delay starting jobs..." causes error 35251
RapiDeploy, Showdisk, and FIRM not able to read IDE disks in VMware 6 when using DOS/FreeDOS automation 35191
Autoupdate of DAgent never completes if DAgent is installed with all available languages 36679
Unable to modify or delete master return codes in Deployment Solution 6.8 console 36724
The x64 DAgent doesn't maintain ''Address/Hostname'' to Deployment Solution server after repair of DAgent 36733 
DAgent is not connecting to another Deployment Server through Multicast option 36734
Automation jobs run in the wrong boot environment when already booted to automation 37435
Importing multi-NIC computers into Deployment Solution causes issues if based on MAC address 36548
File name for Create Disk Image job is cleared if the Imaging Tool is selected after typing in the filename with .gho extension 37442
Error -132 or -115 occurs during PXE portion of Deployment Solution upgrade 37476
Logged-on user icon doesn't re-appear after connection is lost and then reestablished to the Deployment Server from DAgent 37478
Error when assigning a job with a wait task to a computer running production Linux 37528
Automation jobs that branch to a previously completed job reboot the client 37798
RapiDeploy doesn't deploy the extent sizes of LVM 2 volumes during a Deploy Image task 37903
RapiDeploy fails with error "A command line argument was invalid" when deploying an image 38038
DAgent is white but Win32 console shows that client is connected 36726
 After upgrade to Deployment Server 6.9 duplicate computer records are displayed in the console  41125 

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