What are the known issues in Deployment Solution 6.9?

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What are the known issues in Deployment Solution 6.9?


The following are unresolved issues in Deployment Solution 6.9 release. For additional information regarding a known issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID
 A copied job with a 'Copy file to' task resets the 'Allow to run in automation' option 42116
 CreateJob from XML resets 'Script Run Location' 41964
 ASDK.DS.JobManagement.GetJob fails with exception if a 'Distribute Image Task' 41990 
 CreateJob errors 'Error Value cannot be null' when job has condition set 40878 
 Security settings missing when modifying permission on Virtual Center in Deployment Console 41635
 Error -99 during imaging process 41238
 Computers and/or jobs disappear or the tree view collapses on refresh 41648
 VMware Virtual Center PCs don't sync within the Deployment Console 41647
Virtual Center doesn't populate when security is enabled in the Deployment Console 41623
 Axengine hangs if Primary Lookup Key is set to Seial Number or UUID 41645 
MAC Address Filtering setting in PXE Configuration is being ignored so that all machines are allowed to boot through PXE Automation if DHCP and PXE installed on the same box 41540 
Distribute Software jobs add additional command line switches (-s -nr) when a token is used in the file path 41143 
Receiving error 'Unable to boot to DOS/Linux/WinPE automation' when running jobs that use PXE redirection 41019

DAgent auto-upgrade from 6.8 incorrectly indicates updates to AClient


Windows Vista Agent Client Tray Icon unable to be hidden


Deployment Solution installation exits after decompressing the executable with "Error 1718. File was rejected by digital signature policy"


Imaging 64-bit computers using Ghost requires the 32-bit Version of WinPE


Delay loading WinPE driver list in Boot Disk Creator


Upgrade for customers using Deployment Solution for Dell Servers


“Package terminated unexpectedly” error when installing Web Console


Itanium computers require update to sample scripted installation answer file for Windows 2008 Server


Errors with Windows 2008 Server licensing when performing scripted installations


Undo Icon not created with a Distribute Personality Task on Vista Clients


Prompt for current network location after a Windows Vista Scripted Installation


DAgent in WinPE 2.1 appears to hang at "Client Record Updated"


Processor architecture-specific PXE boot images may get deleted


WinPE 2.1 Installation Instructions


Boot Disk Creator requires Windows 2003 or Windows XP SP2 with Microsoft KB914882


RapiDeploy 6.1 image deployment no longer supported


Ghost fails with Internal Error 15210

Error 0 calling drvload for .inf (oem??.inf) - see x:\drvload.log 40797
Adding Mass Storage drivers in WinPE 2.1 40799
Thin Clients with older ADLAgent consume a real license 39038
Two DAgent icons appear on system tray after Windows Vista computer is rebooted 36729
Image Explorer shows no or full progress when restoring large files/folders 20428
HP WX6000 reports a different MAC address to DS with each PXE boot 36035
DS Import Utility Task in Notification Server running AXImport.exe hangs if not using system account 36473
DAgent synchronizes day and time of Windows Vista computer with unchecked synchronize option 36754
“Clear Status” is not working on Thin Client View 36820
Imaging Status displays invalid time value as imaging process completes 37443
Deployment Solution 6.8 default WinPE causes DHCP service error when booting VMware virtual machines 30729
"Copy File To" task is not updating password on "Restore Computer" dialog 37571
Deployment Solution 6.9 console does not display any computers when enabling the Views based on permission of Group option. 40978
Updated VMware Sample Jobs for Deployment Solution 6.9 41045
Deployment Solution Win32 console slow with Active Directory 38727
"Waiting for client to accept connection" remote control failure when using multiple consoles through RDP sessions on the same DS 40568
 Scripted OS Install task parameters will add a '\' after the first ':' it finds following /s, even if it belongs to a seperate parameter 44033

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