Altiris™ Deployment Solution from Symantec 6.9 SP1 Release Notes

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What has changed in Altiris™ Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1?


Altiris™ Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1

Release Notes

Build number: 355


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Features in this Release

Installation and Upgrade

Known Issues in this Release

Hotfixes for this Release


Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 software helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, notebooks, and thin clients from a centralized location in your environment. It's an easy-to-use, automated deployment solution that offers OS deployment, configuration, computer personality migration, and software deployment across different hardware platforms and OS types. In SP1, we added support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, including running 32-bit applications on 64-bit platforms (WoW support).

Note: Deployment Solution 6.9 SP2 is now available. See article 46383.

Deployment Solution is part of the following suites:

  • Altiris™ Client Management Suite from Symantec
    For release notes, see Knowledge Base article 40929.
  • Altiris™ Server Management Suite from Symantec
    For release notes, see Knowledge Base article 45893.

Where to get more information

For more information, you can use the following resources:

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Knowledge Base

Articles, incidents, and issues about this product.

Symantec Connect (formerly Altiris Juice)

An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product.

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Features in this Release

The following are features of this release:

  • Ghost Imaging Foundation (GIF) is included in the Deployment Solution installation. You do not need to separately purchase and install Ghost. Download documentation here.
  • Hot imaging, which is the ability to capture an image of a computer without leaving Windows, is supported for Windows XP and Vista via GIF. For implementation assistance, see KB 44644.
  • Hardware Independent Imaging is now available during image distribution. Enable the Use DeployAnywhere hardware independent imaging option.
  • For Hardware Independent Imaging, you can add new drivers. In the console, on the Tools menu, click DeployAnywhere Driver Database Management. (44006)
  • Wipe sample jobs have been added. The sample jobs are located in the Samples\Symantec Wipe Disk Task folder.
  • The default protocol.ini and system.ini files can be changed. These are the files that are used by Boot Disk Creator when generating DOS boot images. These files are found in the platforms\dos\templates\ms directory.
  • Vista 2008 management is enhanced.
  • Deployment Solution now runs on Windows 2008 servers (To install Web Console, follow the instructions in 47149).
  • Deployment Solution now runs on 64-bit server operating systems (WoW 64 support).
  • You can now disable and enable Network Interface Cards (NICs).
  • Deployment Solution now supports SQL 2008.
  • DAgent is now the default agent for Windows client computers.
  • DAgent now supports Remote Control sessions.
  • Deployment Solution now supports UNC imaging.
  • A sample job for upgrading from AClient to DAgent has been added.  This Job resides in the Samples > Misc Jobs section.  The name of the job is DAgent Upgrade 
  • Rip and replace functionality has been enhanced so that you can specify the jobs that are replayed.
  • User rights have been enhanced. For example:
    • You can view only the computers and jobs that you have the rights to manage.
    • You can limit the access to master return codes.
    • You can limit access to be able to run scripts on a Deployment Solution server.

Installation and Upgrade

Where to Download

Deployment Solution can be obtained from Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 is a full product installation and can be upgraded from Deployment Solution 6.8 or 6.9 versions. After installation, be sure to apply all available Hotfixes for this Release.

Supported Platforms

For a list of supported platforms in this release, see Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 supported platforms and system requirements.

New Installation

The installation process for Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 is the same as it was for Deployment Solution 6.9 and 6.8. For detailed instructions, including the minimum rights for the OS and SQL, please see the Deployment Solution 6.8 installation Guide.

Upgrade Installations

When you are performing an upgrade or installing another Deployment Solution version, ensure that you don't have a remote console running. The remote console must be shut down before you try to upgrade or reinstall the Deployment Solution software.

Stop the following services on your Deployment Server before starting the upgrade process: Altiris Deployment Server Data Manager, Altiris Deployment Server DBManagement, Altiris Express Server, Altiris PXE Server, Altiris PXE Manager, Altiris Config Helper, and Altiris PXE MTFTP Server.

Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.8 SP1, SP2 and DS 6.9
Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.8 (Disable AutoUpgrade due to KB 33129).

Silent Installation

Deployment Solution lets you walk through the Deployment Solution installation wizard to create an answer file (install.ini) that automatically sets options when running a silent install. For details on this process, see article 22602, "Can Deployment Solution be installed silently?"

Known Issues in this Release

The following are known issues in this release. For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID
2003 or 2008 64-bit computer

To use Linux Automation/boot disk enviroments with HP dc7900 workstations

To use WinPE as an automation environment with Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 when it is installed on a Windows 2003 or 2008 64-bit server, you need to use version 2008.1.3.11 or later of the WinPE preboot installers.



DOS preboot on Windows 2008
To allow a client computer that is running in DOS preboot automation to connect to a Deployment server that is running on Windows 2008, you must complete some steps first.
Limited remote control functionality
Due to security concerns, DAgent has limited functionality in Remote Control mode. For example, the Send File option (for Windows XP and Windows 2003), Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and Chat options do not work.
Web Console on Windows 2008

Web Console will not work on Windows Server 2008 without IIS 6 compatibility mode and some additional modifications.

IA64 post configuration and Linux preboot
If you try to do post configuration of a Windows 2008 IA64 server after running a Distribute Image job using Linux preboot automation, the post configuration does not behave correctly. Instead, the system reports a winload.efi error. Use WinPE so that BCDedit runs correctly.
Windows CE 6.0 computers
If a Windows CE 6.0 computer is manually shutdown, the status of the client computer in the console might not update to offline.
Distribute Software job doesn't report correct status
The console returns success when a Distribute Software job fails because it didn't have the necessary credentials.
Installing on Windows 2008
The Deployment Solution installation package for Windows needs to run with administrator rights on the Windows 2008 platforms.
Uncompressed WinPE preboot images
In some cases, choosing the option in the Boot Disk Creator to create an uncompressed WinPE preboot image produces a preboot image that does not connect to the Deployment server and does not perform jobs.

The default option is to create a compressed WinPE preboot image. You must explicitly select that you want to create an uncompressed WinPE boot image. If you manually changed this option to produce an uncompressed image and if that image boots into WinPE but does not connect or respond to the Deployment server, use the compressed option instead.

Primary Lookup keys for IA64 client computers
If you have IA64 client computers that are connected to your Deployment server, the Primary Lookup Key in the Deployment Solution console must include a MAC Address. IA64 client computers do not properly support the other Pimary Lookup Key types.
WinPE PXE configurations during installation or upgrades
It might take longer to do WinPE PXE configurations during installation or during upgrades.
PXE install on Microsoft 2008
PXE does not bind to port 4011 on a Windows 2008 server that is running the Microsoft DHCP server service
Post configuration missing on machines imported from
Post configuration fails to configure WINS/DNS information for all NICs beyond the first one from machines imported from .csv.
Dagent crashes after 64 logins
DAgent crashes after users have logged in 64 times and the machine has not been rebooted or had any jobs run on it.
Computers imported from .csv fail to configure WINS/DNS on second
Computer records that have been imported using a .csv file fail to configure WINS/DNS information on any NIC beyond the first.
DAgent does not have support for MAC address filtering
DAgent does not have the capability to perform MAC address filtering. This feature is usually used for such purposes as ignoring VPN adapters or other network adapters that you could exclude from being reported with AClient by using the customdata.ini file.
DeployAnywhere Update build 2166
Build 2166 DeployAnywhere includes the following changes (compared to its original release in DS 6.9):
  • Faster and smaller in size.
  • Addresses issues with retargeting between Intel and AMD based CPUs.
  • Can specify the full qualified path to where DA log files are written with the /logPath switch.
  • Prepends the ID to the log file name with the /logID switch.
  • Identifies Windows 2008 as a valid OS.

To update your system with the new build, download the new build from the link. Rename the ghdplyaw32.EXE file on your system to ghdplyaw32.old. Now copy the new file into the same folder as the one you just renamed.

For a list of valid switches for DeployAnywhere, click here.

Post configuration in RH5 with nic bonding fails to configure 46006
Deployment Solution jobs are not importing to the correct folder.
 Application descriptions have changed for inventory.
 Altiris Agent fails to free resources if a connection is rejected.
 Dagent Configuration present in Start Menu upon the installation of Dagent  46469

Hotfixes for this Release

Symantec has released a maintenance pack for Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 (Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1 MP1 - Maintenance Pack 1). For additional information on the fixes contained in the maintenance pack and how to download it, click here.

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