Fujitsu Siemens Computers DeskView 10.7 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about the 10.7 release of Fujitsu Siemens Computers DeskView?


Fujitsu Siemens Computers DeskView 10.7

Release Notes

Build number 10.7.1197


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Features in this Release

Known Issues in this Release


DeskView 10 is a client management software developed by Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Symantec. Optimized for Fujitsu Siemens Computers hardware, it helps to minimize the total cost of ownership of managing your client hardware infrastructure. Based on industry standards, DeskView manages STYLISTIC tablet PCs, ESPRIMO Mobile and LIFEBOOK Professional Notebooks, FUTRO Thin Clients, SCENIC and ESPRIMO Professional PCs,CELSIUS Workstations, and PRIMERGY servers. DeskView makes use of the features offered by the system for inventory management, system health monitoring, or remote BIOS configuration and updates. DeskView allows you to manage your client infrastructure completely from your desk.

Where to get more information

The product installation includes the following documentation:

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User's Guide

Information about how to use this product, including detailed technical information and instructions for performing common tasks.

This information is available in PDF format.


Information about how to use this product. This information is the same as in the User's Guide.

Help is available at the solution level and at the suite level.

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The Documentation Library, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

Context-sensitive help is available for most screens in the Symantec Management Console.

You can open context-sensitive help in the following ways:

  • The F1 key
  • The Context command, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

For more information, you can use the following resources:

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Symantec Management Platform Release Notes

Information about new features and important issues in the Symantec Management Platform.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

You can also search for the product name under Release Notes.

Installing the Symantec Management Platform products

Information about using Symantec Installation Manager to install the Symantec Management Platform products.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

Altiris 7 Planning and Implementation Guide

Information about capacity recommendations, design models, scenarios, test results, and optimization best practices to consider when planning or customizing an Altiris 7 Infrastructure for your organization.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

Articles, incidents, and issues about this product.

Symantec Connect

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An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product.

Online Forums

Forums for users of this product.

Features in this Release

The following are features of this release:

  • Support of the new Symantec Management Platform 7.0.
  • Ability to remotely enable or disable parallel ports, the infrared, bluetooth, and wireless devices in the client computer’s BIOS.
  • A new DeskUpdate client task that lets you remotely update device drivers and install operating system hotfixes.
  • The DeskView Agent now installs DeskView Client 6.23 on the client systems from Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Known Issues in this Release

The following are unresolved issues in this release. For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID
Prerequisites for rolling out the DeskView Agent

Before rolling out any DeskView agents, make sure that you have all available Notification Server hotfixes installed. Check for updates in the Symantec Installation Manager.

Rolling out the recommended DeskView Agent does not work for some systems

The Install Recommended DeskView Agent policy does not work on certain systems, for instance:

  • ESPRIMO Mobile U9210
  • ESPRIMO Mobile X9510
  • ESPRIMO P5730
  • LIFEBOOK P8020

You can either use the DeskView Agent 6.23.xxxx - Install policy or you can import an updated Best Fit file (availabe via the knowledge base article 46040) as documented in the manual.

Rollout of DeskView Agent
It is not possible to rollout the DeskView Agent to a client computer that has the DeskViewClient.msi package of the same version already installed outside of the Notification Server environment. If you have installed the DeskView Client manually, you must uninstall the DeskView Client before rolling out the DeskView Agent from Notification Server.
DeskView Client 5.x upgrade is no longer supported

If you try to update the DeskView Client version 5.x that is installed on the client computer using the DeskView Agent install policy, the installation fails with error 1603. To resolve this issue, run the DeskView Agent install policy once more on a schedule, or run it manually on the client computer.

Systemdata and multiple monitors on notebooks
Both internal and external monitors will not always appear.
Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system is no longer supported
DeskView 10.7 does not support client computers with Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system installed.
DeskFlash tools blocked on Vista

Because of reliability reasons, DeskFlash will be blocked on ESPRIMO vPro computers running Microsoft Windows Vista without Service Pack 1 installed and with less than 2 GB RAM. To solve this issue, install Service Pack 1.

Unable to collect BIOS inventory from LIFEBOOK notebooks if BIOS password was set through F2 menu

If the BIOS password was set using the F2 menu on the client computer, the DeskView Agent cannot collect the BIOS and boot order inventory from such computers because the password is not known to the DeskView Agent. This applies to LIFEBOOK notebooks only. For the DeskView Agent to collect BIOS inventory from these computers, in the Symantec Management Console, run the BIOS Settings task with the correct password set.

Uninstalling DeskView for Business Clients does not remove some items

When you have DeskView for Business Clients, DeskView for Displays, and DeskView for Servers installed together, and you uninstall DeskView for Business Clients, some DeskView items in the Symantec Management Console and some files on the Notification Server computer are not removed.

"Overwrite existing archive" option in the Archive BIOS task

If you choose to specify the name of the BIOS archive file manually and uncheck "Overwrite existing archive", and if a file with the same name already exists on the Notification Server computer, the task will create a new file with a modified name.

The task-based policies do not display any errors

The task-based policies always return the "Completed" status. This status shows that the policy has run on the client computer.

If you want to see errors, log on to the client computer and, in the Altiris Agent UI, on the Task Status tab, click Task history.

The action items in the resource manager are not automatically applied to the selected computer

You must assign the target to the task manually.

Running DeskView tools on Vista

You can run the DeskView tools on Microsoft Windows Vista operating system using only the system account or, depending on security settings, a built-in administrator account. When using the system account, make sure that network locations are accessible for DeskUpdate and DeskFlash tools.

Microcode update is not possible on certain systems

On desktop systems the microcode update fails. As a workaround you can run the “Update BIOS ” task with a BIOS update file which includes microcode patches.

DeskView Serial Numbers tool can fail on ESPRIMO Mobile notebooks.

Depending on the BIOS version of the client computer, DeskView Serial Numbers tool can fail. Check for the latest BIOS version.

Driver Update may not work when using certain Driver & Utilities CDs or DVDs

The DeskUpdate tool does not work with old Driver & Utilities CDs or DVDs. You can either use the Web update option or get the latest Drivers & Utilities DVD.

Real-Time Console Infrastructure Known Issues in this Release

Fujitsu Siemens Computers DeskView installs Real-Time Console Infrastructure 7.0 SP1.

For the list of Real-Time Console Infrastructure known issues in this release, see article 44492.


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