Symantec Software Virtualization Solution™ 2.1 SP2 Maintenance Pack 1 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about Symantec Software Virtualization Solution™ 2.1 SP2 Maintenance Pack 1?


Symantec Software Virtualization Solution™ 2.1 SP2 Maintenance Pack 1

Build number 2.1.3064

Release Notes

This maintenance pack contains several fixes to Software Virtualization Solution 2.1 SP2. This maintenance pack is a full release and is available on the Symantec download site here. Click the Trialware link to download.

For installation instructions, supported platforms, and additional known issues that also apply to this release, see the SVS 2.1 SP2 Release Notes.

Latest release

Before installation, it is recommended that you read article 29519 to ensure that  this is the latest available release of Software Virtualization Solution (SVS). You can subscribe to article 29519 to be notified anytime an update to SVS is available.

Fixes in this release

The following table contains fixes in this release.


 Fix  Article ID (if any)
 An issue causing decreased performance when SVS is installed on the same system as Cisco Security Agent has been fixed.  43585
 An issue causing the path to the SVS driver (FSLX.SYS) to become corrupted has been fixed.  28733
 An issue where processes would incorrectly be on the ignore process list has been fixed.  44348
 The refreshing of shortcuts and start menu items on layer activate and deactivate has been optimized.  


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