Task Server 6.0 SP2 Release Notes

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What do I need to know about Task Server 6.0 SP2?


Altiris® Task Server™ 6.0 SP2

6.0 Build number 6.0.1356

6.0 SP1 Build number 6.0.1404

6.0 SP2 Build number 6.0.1505

Release Notes

Installation and Upgrade

New Features in this Release

Fixes in this Release

Known Issues

Document History

Installation and Upgrade

Altiris Task Server is an infrastructure component that provides task sequencing and automation for Altiris Solutions. The functionality is similar to what Deployment Solution provides with its Job engine, but it is built on the Notification Server infrastructure allowing the rest of the Altiris Solution catalog to take advantage of its powerful features.


Task Server computer requirements:  

  • Microsoft .NET Framework versions 1.1 
  • Windows 2000 SP4 or later 
  • Altiris Agent

Task Server minimum hardware recommendations:

  • Intel Pentium* 4 processor or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB disk space

Where to Download Task Server 6.0 SP2

Task Server 6.0 can be downloaded from http://www.altiris.com/Download.aspx to install for the first time.

New installation

To Install Task Server:

  1. Open the Altiris Console.
    Click Start > Programs > Altiris > Altiris Console 6.5.
  2. Click ViewConfiguration.
  3. In the left pane, click Upgrade/Install Additional Solutions.
  4. In the right pane, click the Available Solutions tab.
  5. Click the AZ Solutions sort button.
  6. Click Task Server.
  7. Click Start.
Upgrade Issues

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Upgrade Steps

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New Features in this Release

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 Feature Description

Fixes in 6.0 SP2

 Fixed Issues Article ID
Hanging client agents 43387
Task Management Pack Inventory tasks fail to return inventory NSEs back to the NS. 38075
Client communication fails through a proxy 41860
Task status incorrectly displayed in Task Status 39249
Changing between Client Job and Server Job selection causes the Web Page Dialog to become unresponsive 32509





Known Issues for 6.0 SP2

The following are unresolved issues and workaround instructions for issues in this release:

 Known Issues Article ID
When installing the Task Server Service Pack 2 all Task Server Agent configuration policies are disabled upon install and need to be re-enabled.

For example, if you enabled the Upgrade Client Task Server Agent Policy and then installed Service Pack 1, you need to re-enable it after the installation is complete.

A runtime error is received when creating a task and logged in as a user that has Create Tasks/Job privilege.

To correct this problem, you must do the following:

  1. Grant the Altiris System Read Permission to the User.
  2. Give the user permission to the Task Server Folder under Configuration > Server Setting.
Task Server does not communicate via proxy. The proxy name could not be resolved; verify correct proxy configuration. None
For installations that require SSL, remote Task Servers that use Altiris HTTP Server are not supported. You must first install IIS on computers that will be remote Task Servers. None
When you right-click a task instance and select "Start now", it is important to note that the current version of the task will run on the exact same computers the task originally ran on. Any new computers in the collection the task originally ran on will not run the new instance of the task. None
Task Server upgrade fails on Windows 2000. To workaround this problem, uninstall Client Task Server in Add/Remove Programs and reinstall the Task Server. None
Installing Task Server 6.0 SP 2 multiple times may cause some Task Server IIS virtual directories to not be created properly. To workaround this problem, uninstall Client Task Server in Add/Remove Programs and reinstall the Altiris Task Server. None
Upgrading from Beta 1 or Beta 2 to the released version is not supported. Those releases should be uninstalled in their entirety before installing the release. Go to the ...\Program Files\Altiris\Setup Files\Task Server directory and run Uninstaller.exe. None
If Task Server is installed manually by running "Altiris_TaskManagement_6_0.exe", the World Wide Publishing Service may be left in a stopped state after the installation. If this occurs, run "Services.msc" from the Star<Run menu or command prompt. Browse to the World Wide Publishing Service at the bottom of the list, right-click on it, and select "Start".  None

Additional Documentation

Altiris product documentation is available in Microsoft HTML Help (.chm) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. To view Altiris product documentation in .PDF format, use Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html).

Documentation files are installed in the following directory on the Notification Server computer: C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Notification Server\NSCap\Help

The following documentation is provided with Task Server 6.0 

Task Server 6.0 Help

You can access documentation from the Altiris Console by clicking the following links in the upper-right corner of the console:

 Access the contextual online help by clicking Help > Context.
 Access an index of all installed help by clicking Help > Index.

Altiris Information Resources

Source What Information it Includes Where to Find it
Altiris Documentation Information about new features, update instructions, and known issues for each release. Includes Altiris formal documentation such as Release Notes, Help, Reference Guides, Best Practice Articles, and Technical Reference Articles. http://www.altiris.com/support/documentation
Altiris Knowledgebase Comprehensive collection of articles, incidents, and issues for Altiris solutions. http://kb.altiris.com/
Altiris Juice:
an online magazine for Altiris users
Best Practices, tips and tricks, and articles for users of Altiris solutions. http://www.altiris.com/juice
Online Forums Forums for Altiris solutions and suites. http://forums.altiris.com/

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