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Network Discovery, a free plug-in component for Notification Server, lets you discover all IP devices connected to your network. Network Discovery lets you find new network devices, identify previously-discovered network devices that are no longer found, and find network devices whose discovery properties have changed.

See the following sections for information about this release:

Features of this Release

The following are features of this release:

Network Discovery task

Network Discovery is performed by running tasks that are part of the Notification Server task management component. The discovery data is sent to the Notification Server computer and stored in the CMDB.

Discovery task wizard

New wizard-based approach helps simplify the creation of network discovery tasks. Through a simple 5-step wizard you can specify your method of discovery, enter the IP range, select network protocols to be used for discovery as well as enter task’s name and choose when to run the discovery. You can integrate the discovery tasks into your workflows.

Network Discovery portal

Provides convenient landing page for everything related to Network Discovery Solution with easy access to Discovery wizard, SNMP device classification, Discovery job status and high-level visual status information.

Expanded protocol support

By leveraging Pluggable Protocol Architecture (PPA) we have expanded our supported network protocols to SNMP v2, IPMI and WS-Man.

Virtualization support

We have added support for VMware ESX 3.x/3i guest and host discovery, Hyper-V and XEN.

Centralized MIB management

Centralized UI for adding and editing SNMP Data Mapping tables and SNMP Device Classification.

Discovery of additional components, such as blade & chassis discovery and MS Cluster Server discovery.

Installation and Upgrade

  • Notification Server 7.0 SP1
New Installation

Installation and upgrade is managed through the Symantec Installation Manager. To begin an installation or an upgrade, go to the following URL:

Upgrade Issues
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Upgraded data

The following 7.x data classes have their data populated from the 6.x data classes:

Base type is Infrastructure Device with associated data classes:

      • Device Identification
      • Device Details
      • Device Network Interface
      • Device SNMP Info
      • Device TCP/IP
      • Discovery Task
      • AMT Network Info
      • ASF Network Info

The following data classes are not imported:

    • Device Bridge Port
    • Medium Member

Things to know

The following are useful things for you to know about this release:

Thing to know Article ID
Network Discovery tasks use Connection Profiles to configure the protocols that are used to communicate with network devices.
For more information see knowledgebase article number 43626.
Importing .MIB files on Symantec Management Platform 7.0 45315
Symantec Management Platform Security Privileges 45213

Known Issues in this Release

The following are unresolved issues in this release. For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link.

Known Issue Article ID Internal ID 
Using Connection Profiles

Network Discovery tasks use connection profiles to configure the protocols that are used to communicate with network devices. How you use protocols and connection profiles has important ramifications on how Network Discovery is able to discover devices.

Hierarchy issues

SNMP Device Classification tables do not replicate down.

Scan may never complete with WMI enabled

In rare circumstances a scan may never complete.  If a system with WMI enabled gets into a hung or non-functional state, yet WMI still responds; the WMI session will never properly timeout. 

HTTP is not reported as a discovery protocol

Even if enabled and configured in a connection profile, Network Discovery does not currently report HTTP as a protocol used in discovering devices.  This means that you will not be able to filter devices by HTTP in the Discovered Devices report. 

NONullAllowedException reported in Altiris logviewer during import of migration datastore

All devices migrated from the NS 6 INV_SNMP_TCPIP table  to NS 7 will generate a NONullAllowedException in the Altiris Log viewer when the import is attempted.  The resource is still created, but will be missing SNMP_TCPIP data.  This data can be recreated by running a new discovery on NS 7 which will populate the missing data.

Network Discovery Reports - StartDate and EndDate go from current time of day, not the entire 24 hour period.

The start date and end date for Network Discovery reports do not go from 0:00 of the start date to 23:59 of the end date.  This may cause some discovered devices not to be displayed in the report.  Extend the date range to include the wanted devices.

Various security issues when not logged in as an administrator.

Certain pages/functions will not be accessible or function correctly if you are not logged in as an administrator.

  75796, 76058, 76580, 76652
WSMAN ONLY Network Discovery Hangs

Network Discovery hangs during discovery when using a connection profile with only WSMAN enabled. This is due to a defect in PPA. This is fixed in 7.0 SP2.


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