Upgrading to Symantec™ Workspace Streaming 6.1

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This document contains instructions for upgrading to Symantec Workspace Streaming 6.1 from Altiris SVS Pro 5.2 SP2 or later or AppStream Windows Edition 5.1 or later.

Before you upgrade

Database backup

We recommend performing a full database backup before upgrading. The upgrade process uses scripts to update your database schema to the latest version.

Configuration backup

Any custom configuration files must be backed up before upgrading. Any portal customizations as well as any changes in the following files should be backed up:

  • Appstreamcfg.txt
  • Setupcfg.txt
  • maxSeats.properties
  • ConsoleConfig.xml

Custom changes in any of these files should be merged with the new version after the upgrade completes.

Backup server settings

If you are using backup servers, make a note of your configuration settings before upgrading (backup server hostnames, ports, and so on). Due to a change in the ports used by the Streaming server and portal, backup servers must be reconfigured after upgrade.

Custom reports

Any custom reports should be backed up before upgrading. These reports can be recopied when the upgrade completes.

Server upgrade

Back-end servers should be upgraded before any other servers.

Starting with your back-end server, run the Workspace Streaming server installation on each server hosting a streaming component (back-end, front-end, backup, and so on). The installer detects the existing installation and upgrades the necessary components. You are not prompted to reboot your server after upgrade.

Client upgrade

We recommend using a software distribution application, such as Altiris Client Management Suite, to upgrade the client.

Client upgrade using the client installation executable

The Client can be upgraded to 6.1 directly from any client version of SVS Pro 5.2 SP2 or AppStream Windows Edition 5.1. The installation can be performed by a user with admin privileges or silently through a software distribution application. 

Client upgrade from the Streaming Portal

Due to a change in the digital signature of the installation control, non-admin users upgrading through the portal must be using SVS Pro 5.2.2 SP3 or later or AppStream Windows Edition 5.2.2 SP3 or later. Either perform an incremental upgrade to 5.2.2 SP3 and then to 6.1, or perform the upgrade with a user account with admin privileges.

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