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Is there a brief summary about the DAgent in Deployment Solution 6.9?

The DAgent was originally developed for Vista and released with Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2.  With the release of Deployment Server 6.9 SP1 MP1 (build 365), we generally recommend the use of the DAgent on all supported operating systems.
The DAgent has a memory footprint of approximately 6 MB without the systray icon, and around 12 MB with the systray icon (the increase is because the systray icon is a separate executable).
By default, the DAgent runs as a service under the Local System account.  The service credentials can be changed from Local System to run under a local or domain administrator's account.
The DAgent may be pushed out remotely using the “Remote Agent Installer” utility from the Deployment Server Win32 console (under the Tools menu).  In order to push out DAgent to a client machine, the following prerequisites must be met: 

1. Access to the C$ and Admin$ shares on the client machine.

2. Network access to the client (i.e., successful "ping").

3. If you’re running Vista or Server 2008, UAC must be disabled.

4. Simple file sharing and the Sharing wizard will need to be disabled as well in order to allow the DAgent push.
5. DAgent communicates on TCP port 402 with the Deployment Server.  A connection is initiated on port 402 and then a port above 1024 is negotiated for job processing.  Almost all communication is TCP-based, with the exception of Wake-On-LAN (which is a broadcast (UDP) packet).

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