Notification Server 6.0 SP3 R12 Release Notes

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Build number 6.0.1210

This document contains the following topics:


This document contains information about known issues with the Notification Server 6.0 SP3 R12 release.

Installation and upgrade

Installing Rollup 12 (R12) for Notification Server 6.0 SP3

To install this service pack:


  1. Download Altiris_NS_6_0_SP3_KB46763.exe from the following location:
  2. Run Altiris_NS_6_0_SP3_46763.exe on the Notification Server.

Installation and Upgrade issues

The following issues are known issues related to installing and upgrading this product. If additional information about an issue is available, click the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Close the Altiris console before you install R12

You should close the Altiris console before you install R12. If the console is open during the installation, you will need to reboot the computer.


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Fixed Issues in this Release

The following are previous issues that were fixed in this release. If additional information about an issue is available, click the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID

Resource merging now functions correctly. Previously the resource association history was not merged correctly.

N/A 1574943

AeXUtility now functions correctly in Windows 2003. Previously, in some circumstances, this component caused a thread leak.

N/A 1578262

Saving a large set of report results (tens of thousands of rows) no longer causes a memory leak.

N/A 1578880

The Inventory forwarding data verification schedule now functions correctly. Previously, it did not work with large data sets.

N/A 1584664

You can now reconfigure Notification Server with a new database on the same computer (on-box SQL Server) after installing a hotfix. Previously the database configuration process failed with an error.

N/A 1584695

The SWD reboot notification now correctly handles multiple sessions with the same account. Previously, only one user session would receive the Reboot/Snooze dialog.

N/A 1585050

The Resource Merge operation now correctly handles the ResourceData Class Foreign Key.

N/A 1585293

Multicasting now functions correctly on Windows Vista computers. Previously, when package multicasting started on affected computers, the Agent utilized all of the available CPU and did not start the package download.

N/A 1585891

Power Management now uses the correct relay when performing an operation on a virtual machine in a remote subnet. Previously, virtual machines were being ignored.

N/A 1585908

Logging for the Inventory Forwarding data verification schedule has been enhanced. Some extra logging messages appear when Data Verification runs. They are either Informational or Trace level messages in the logs. All the strings start with "Data Verification" and there are messages on both sending and receiving Notification Servers when the verification schedule is run.

N/A 1585978

The Collection Picker now loads in a reasonable time. Previously, if you had a large number of collections (several thousand) the Collection Picker could take 10 minutes to load.

N/A 1585979

The Move item action is retained correctly when you upgrade from R7 on. Previously the Move item action was set to uninstalled during the upgrade.

N/A 1650630

When you specify accounts for Inventory Forwarding specified credentials, the naming rules are now applied correctly. Special characters (such as . and \) can be used within the account name, but a period cannot be the last character in the name. Previously, you were unable to use accounts that contained a period anywhere in the name.

N/A 1669038

When you merge resources, the retained resource now uses the correct hash value (the hash value of the data class that has been preserved). Previously, the old hash value was preserved instead, which could result in empty or incorrect rows in the data class table.

N/A 1702553

Inventory Forwarding now functions correctly for a multi-row data class with a large number of rows (that is, several thousand rows). Previously, in some scenarios data was being lost and reports were inaccurate.

N/A 1714520

A new CoreSetting MaxNPEmailSizeKB has been implemented to let you specify the maximum size of Notification Policy emails. Note that this setting does not appear in the CoreSettings.config file after R12 is installed. To enable this setting you need to manually add it.

To do this, add the setting in the following format:

<CUSTOMSETTING type="local" value="10000" key="MaxNPEmailSizeKB" / >

Previously Notification Policies had a hard-coded limit of 100Kb. Any Notification Policy email that was greater than that size had its data truncated.

N/A 1730966

The Defer Task option for SWD tasks now operates correctly. The Defer Task dialog now gives you the correct options and the task is deferred by the appropriate time. Previously, in some scenarios the Defer Task dialog gave you options to defer the task for longer than should have been possible.

N/A 1741701

The Event Log now operates correctly. Previously, in some scenarios, multiple logging threads were created. Note that this issue was rare, and was caused by a race condition after installing and then uninstalling ePO/McAfee virus protection.

N/A 1797938

New KMS keys have been implemented for the Discovery page and the database access credentials.

N/A 1809653

The AeXNSConsoleUtilities ActiveX control has been modified to secure a possible vulnerability.

49389 1842662

The 'Maximum bandwidth to use for multicasting’ options in the Agent Configuration page are now correctly localized. Previously some options in the drop-down list of available settings were not shown in some languages.

N/A 1844824

Inventory forwarding functionality has been modified to ensure that multi-row data is forwarded correctly. Previously, in some scenarios, the order of rows was wrong on the sending Notification Server. This could seriously corrupt the data on the target Notification Server.

N/A 1846249

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Known Issues in this Release

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, click the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Error messages are shown if you upgrade to R12 with the Altiris Console open

If the Altiris Console is open when you upgrade to R12, you may receive the "Nodes.Count" error.

This is due to Internet Explorer locking some files (in windows\system32) with the browser open. You can resolve the problem by closing and then reopening the console, or by restarting the computer.

N/A 1858846
SWD tasks that are deferred by the current user may not run as expected if the user has logged off

If a task is allowed to be deferred, and the logged on user chooses to defer the task when prompted but then logs off before the task runs, the task may not run at the expected time (as specified in the "Defer for" field in the task prompt). The package status remains set to "task never started" and the next run time is “not scheduled”. However, the task does run eventually, although later than expected.

N/A 1862713
Reboot dialog is not displayed if the same user logs in when reboot dialog is active in another session

If the reboot warning dialog is already displayed on a computer, and the same user logs on to the computer over Terminal Services (creating a second session on the same computer), the reboot dialog does not appear in the new session.

N/A 1798096
Installing R12 after NS 6.0 SP3 but before database configuration causes errors

If you install R12 after installing NS 6.0 SP3 but before the database configuration wizard has run, when you run the wizard there will be errors in the log:

Error=Altiris.NS.Security.Cryptography.KeyNotFoundException: The key 'NS.Installation.Legacy' does not exist.

The errors thrown in the log while configuring the Notification Server are because items try to initialize their data by using the encryption key before the key is installed. The failed item will re-initialize itself the next time it is used.

N/A 1863753

Incomplete uninstall of 6.2 Mac Agent

When performing policy-based or manual uninstall of 6.2 Mac Agent, an incomplete removal takes place on Mac OS 10.3, Mac OS 10.4, and Mac OS 10.5.

Tech141728 1920479

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