Support for Internet Explorer 8 in Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP2

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What limitations are there on using Internet Explorer 8 in Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP2?


Internet Explorer 8 can be used but is not supported. You are not blocked from installing the Symantec Management Platform on a computer with Internet Explorer 8 installed, nor are you blocked from running the Symantec Management Console in Internet Explorer 8. However, if loaded in Internet Explorer 8, the Symantec Management Console displays a warning message advising you that you are using an unsupported browser.

The known issues with using Internet Explorer 8 are described below:

The context menu may be unavailable for report results

When you run a report and view the report results, you cannot select an item in the results grid, and you cannot load the context menu. Clicking (to select) or right-clicking (to open the context menu) on a row in the results grid has no effect. However, a script error is returned.

Cloned policies cannot be deleted

You can clone a policy by using the Clone option on the context menu. The cloned policy is added to the same folder as the original policy, with the text “Copy of” prepended to the policy name. However, when you attempt to delete a cloned policy (using the Delete option on the context menu) the operation fails with an error message.

The Symantec Management Console header does not display correctly

The layout is not properly aligned and the colors of some graphics may be incorrect.

Web part reports may not load correctly in a portal page

When you open a portal page, any web part reports contained on the page are loaded automatically. However, when you refresh any web part report, you may get a script error. The error message “Error loading script...” appears in a pop-up and needs to be closed (by clicking OK) in order to continue. Multiple copies of the error message may be displayed. When you have closed all the copies of the error message, the web part reports do not function, but the other web parts in the portal page will work correctly.

A warning message appears in the Console header

The message "You are using a non-supported browser. Some features will not work unless you use Internet Explorer 7.0." appears. This is correct, as the warning message is still valid for SMP SP2.

The Data Verification field in the Replication Rule page does not display correctly

When you view a replication rule page (menu path: Settings > All Settings, then in the left pane, Notification Server > Replication > Replication Rule), the arrow icon in the Data Verification field overlaps the adjacent text.

Report pages may not show the current parameter values

When you open a report, the last saved parameter values are displayed. If you change some of the parameters, and then click Refresh, the report will refresh and show the correct data. However, the parameter section at the top of the report is not updated. It still shows the same settings as when the report was opened.

When viewing report results, the Group By feature does not work correctly

When you view report results, the Group By drop-down list lets you select a column by which to group the results. However, when you make a selection, no grouping is made and results grid does not change.

Error messages may not display correctly

If there are any invalid settings in the Database Settings page, the error message that is shown at the bottom of the page may not display correctly. In some cases the error message is blank.

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