Symantec™ Workspace Corporate 6.1 SP1 Release Notes

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Build number 6.1.29 (64-bit support)

Symantec Workspace Corporate was previously released as nSuite PrivacyShell™.


Supported Platforms

System Requirements


Known Issues in this Release

Important Notes for Users of nSuite PrivacyShell


Symantec Workspace Corporate provides secure and efficient connection brokerage, single sign-on, local printing and location awareness functionality between end-users, virtual workspaces, and other centralized resources.

This release provides 64-bit versions of the Symantec Workspace Corporate server and client.  Windows XP 64-bit is the only supported client operating system.  Reports can be viewed only in a 32-bit browser (you can run a 32-bit browser in compatibility mode on a 64-bit computer)

There is no x64 support for biometric authentication, PCproxCard, or ICA shell. When both x64 and x86 servers are in use in your environment, you can add PCProx support for x86 servers after the fact by manually running add_card_support.sql.  When PCProx components are already installed and configured on x86 server(s) prior to adding x64 servers, no changes are necessary.

Supported Platforms

Workspace Corporate Server


Windows Server 2003 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows Terminal Server if using roaming desktops

Windows Network Load Balancer or equivalent (WNLB is included with Windows 2003 Server)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Standard Edition is recommended

SQL data replication features (included with SQL Server 2005)

Minimum hardware requirements

Server-class computer with 800 MHz minimum processor


40 GB disk space

Secure Gateway Server


Windows 2003 Server (32-bit or 64-bit)

Minimum hardware requirements

Server-class computer with 800 MHz minimum processor


40 GB disk space

Client Workstation


Windows XP Pro (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows 2000

Minimum hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements are the same as the host operating system

10 MB disk space

USB, serial, and other ports as required by pcProx or biometric devices


Complete installation instructions are included in the Symantec Workspace Corporate 6.1 Implementation Guide. This guide is available with the product download.

Known Issues in this Release

The following table contains unresolved issues in this release.

Known Issues Environment Workaround
Search results are not returned when Corporate Desktop Type is set as Symantec Workspace. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility. This issue is caused by an internal string change.

When searching for users assigned the Symantec Workspace, change your search query to “PSD”.

No uninstall option is included for Workspace Corporate or Remote in Add/Remove Programs. Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel. To uninstall, select Change and then select Remove on the Program Maintenance screen.
MSDTC errors during installation. Workspace Corporate Server installation. This error is caused by duplicate SIDs and other values.

If you encounter this error, run the following from a command prompt:

MSDTC –uninstall
Reboot the server
MSDTC -install
 A Security Alert is displayed when using https to access the Workspace Corporate Admin Console. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility using https. This is caused by the self-signed certificate that is installed to enable SSL. Click Yes to proceed.

Optionally, you can replace the self-signed certificate with a certificate you obtain from a trusted certificate authority.

 Error running ISScript1050.msi during installation. Workspace Corporate Server installation. This can occur if you do not have local administrator privileges on your server.

Log in as a local administrator and re-attempt the installation.

 C:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727 does not have appropriate permissions for authorized users (read/write). Workspace Corporate Server installation. This can occur if you do not have the correct permissions to the folders containing .NET. 

Update the permissions to include read/write or reset the .NET security settings to default.

 Administration Utility doesn't refresh automatically after a change is made. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility. Right-click in the page and select Refresh to view your changes.
 Error (0x800c004) creating workstation account.   Unable to connect to the target server. Workspace Corporate Client installation. This can occur if the hostname used when creating the workstation is different than what was used during the server installation.

Re-attempt the installation and use the same hostname that was used during the server installation.

 GetInfoByGUID(guid number) occurs during installation. Workspace Remote installation. This can occur if the account used to authenticate to SQL Server during installation is not a member of the local administrators group on the SQL Server computer.

To resolve this issue, add the account to the local administrators group.

 Administration Utility displays an "Access Denied" error.  Windows 2008 Server when using an underscore in the server name.  This is caused by a Microsoft known issue that prevents cookies from being processed properly in this environment. To avoid this issue, do not use underscores in your Workspace Corporate server names on Windows 2008.

Important Notes for Users of nSuite PrivacyShell

The following sections describe functional changes in Workspace Corporate 6.1.

Domain and Terminal Server SSO applications are created by the installation

You no longer need to manually create the Domain or Terminal Server single sign-on applications. These applications are created by the installation.

Read/Write privileges are granted automatically when assigned Workspace Corporate Administrator

Read/write privileges are now granted automatically when the Administrator application is assigned to a user. In previous versions, permissions had to be granted manually after a user was assigned the Administrator application.

Upgrading from PrivacyShell 2.x to Symantec Workspace Corporate 6.1

In order to upgrade to SWC, do the following:

  1. Uninstall PrivacyShell 2.x.
  2. Manually delete the "PrivacyShell" website.
  3. Install Symantec Workspace Corporate 6.1. If you want to use existing database, do not check "Run Database Scripts."
  4. After installation completes, assure that the SWCS Website is running. If not, start it.
  5. If PrivacyShell 2.x database is retained, you will see some locations where the name "PrivacyShell" exists, rather than the names "Symantec Workspace Corporate" and "Symantec Workspace Remote."

If you experience errors during the upgrade, please contact Support.


 Date  Change
 5/1/2009  Added known issue where underscores in server names on Windows 2008 computers cause an "access denied" error.
 4/11/2009  Initial release.

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