Symantec™ Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP1 Release Notes

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Note: This is not the current version of Symantec Workspace Streaming.


Build number

Symantec Workspace Streaming was previously released as Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional.


Features in this Release

Supported Platforms

System Requirements




Known Issues in this Release


Symantec Workspace Streaming is a complete software lifecycle management solution, providing the following:

  • Instant delivery of virtual and traditional applications
  • Powerful, verifiable license tracking with active enforcement
  • Support for a mobile workforce by streaming entire applications for offline use
  • Application version control, enabling new version upgrades with a single-click

Features in this Release

The following are new features in this release:

Integrated Agent installation

You can now install everything you need to stream standard and virtual software packages directly from the portal or by using a silent, response-file based installation program.

New Workspace Virtualization features

Workspace Streaming has added support for the following new features:

  • Patch (see next section, “Virtual patch streaming”)
  • Layer isolation
  • Autorun from layer
  • Deactivate on last process exit
  • Keep file changes in layer
  • Layer dependencies

See Chapter 9, “Symantec Workspace Virtualization Integration”, of the Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP1 Admin Guide for feature explanations and additional details.

Virtual patch streaming

You can now create upgrades for Workspace Virtualization Packages using Virtual Patch Archives (VPA). VPAs contain only the bit-level changes needed to upgrade a virtual software package from one version to another, eliminating the need to re-distribute large packages.

Changes from build to

194 includes a Workspace Virtualization fix described in KB# 48396, Driver problems on systems with disk management software (such as Diskeeper) installed.  This change affects only the Workspace Virtualization Agent.  No Workspace Streaming functionality was changed with this update.

Supported Platforms

Client operating systems
    Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (SP2 requires the filter manager rollup hotfix: SP3 is required when using a non-English language XP operating system.)
  • Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later 
  • Windows 2000 is supported only in legacy mode. New functionality in 6.1 is not supported on this platform.
Server operating systems
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2003 SP1 or later
  • Microsoft SQl Server 2005 SP1 or later 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 or later
  • Oracle 10g and 11i
  • PostgreSQL when installed by Workspace Streaming

System Requirements

System Processor Pentium III, 500 MHz minimum
System Memory 256 MB memory minimum
Free Disk Space 50 MB of free disk space, plus twice the size of the installed application(s) (NTFS recommended)
System Processor Minimum 1GHz of processor capability
System Memory 2 GB memory minimum
Free Disk Space 2 GB of free disk space, plus three times space required by the applications to be uploaded on to the server
Streaming Composer
System Processor Pentium III, 700 MHz minimum
System Memory 256 MB memory minimum (512 MB recommended)
Free Disk Space 30 MB of free disk space, plus three times size of the package


Complete installation instructions are included in the Workspace Streaming Administration Guide included with the product download.


Complete upgrade instructions are included article #48168, Upgrading to Symantec Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP1. 

Workspace Streaming SDK

Symantec Workspace Streaming SDK is made up of several web services that are accessed using simple object access protocol (SOAP). The interface is exposed through a web services description language (WSDL) document. The WSDL document provides details on the published methods and objects. Most programming languages provide support for SOAP web services, including C#, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Python, and others. Most languages provide the ability to automatically generate proxy classes using the WSDL document.

The Workspace Streaming SDK download is available in the same location as the Workspace Streaming product.

Upgrading the Workspace Streaming SDK

If you installed the 6.1 version of the Streaming SDK, see article #46567, Symantec Workspace Streaming 6.1 and 6.1 SP1 Release Notes, for important information on upgrade.

Known Issues in this Release

The following are unresolved issues in this release. For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link.

Server Known Issues Article ID
 Problems with Data Access server failover when using SSL/LDAP.  44726
 Troubleshooting slow LDAP queries.  44727
 Manual steps required when changing the user data source from Microsoft Active Directory to Novell eDirectory.  44728
 Server installation quits unexpectedly after a failed connection to SQL Server 2005 when using fully qualified domain name.  45530
 Data Access server port is reset to default after editing Server Group Configuration details.  45531
 Background streaming data transfer values don't apply in direct request mode.  45532
 Intel Mobility network bandwidth detection is not accurate at certain levels.  This might cause updates flagged as non-critical to not be distributed even if the available bandwidth is above the specified threshold.  48066
Client Known Issues Article ID

 If a network interruption occurs during streaming of a virtual software package the process must be restarted.

 Icon and package prepopulation does not succeed when client uses IP address to contact a server configured by hostname.  44730
 Icon refresh causes 5.2.2 shortcut icons to remain after upgrade.  44732
 Reghook doesn't run on Windows Vista if driver verifier is active.  44733
 Streaming Agent cannot be installed by guest user on Windows XP.  44736
 Streaming package upgrade might fail if registry settings are removed between versions.  45534
Streaming an upgrade package of Acrobat 9 leaves icon for previous version in Application Manager.  48167
 Streaming a Workspace Virtualization package with hide from operating system selected displays an "unable to locate shortcut information" error.  48062
 Command-line Agent installer fails if quotes are used when specifying the installation response file.  48067
 Windows can't find file" error on client after changing default version of a package  48480
 Some MSI applications streamed as virtual layers don't launch from App Manager  48483
Packaging Known Issues Article ID
 The Admin Console "Available Packages" screen delays during initial load.  44738
 Non-admin users are unable to upgrade Microsoft Visio package.  44739
 Office 2007 SVS package doesn't launch properly on XP systems with Computer Associates Enterprise 8.1.  44740
 Office 2007, Project 2007, and Visio 2007 require snapshot packages.  44741
 Streaming an MSI application as an SVS layer works for single user installations only.  44742
 After streaming opening Office 2007 Pro help initiates self-heal.  44752
 Possible conflicts streaming Office 2003 and Office 2007 virtual packages on the same system.  44753

Streaming Composer might encounter problems when applying VPAs that create file paths longer than 230 characters.

 This package cannot be streamed" error message when streaming an upgrade package of Office 2007  48478

Revision History

 Description  Date
 Added the following additional issues:

Windows can't find file" error on client after changing default version of a package

This package cannot be streamed" error message when streaming an upgrade package of Office 2007

Some MSI applications streamed as virtual layers don't launch from App Manager

 August 7th, 2009
 Added note on build number change from to  August 4th, 2009


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