Altiris PC Transplant 6.8 SP3 from Symantec Release Notes

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Altiris™ PC Transplant Solution 6.8 SP3 from Symantec

Release Notes


Features in this Release

Installation and Upgrade

Known Issues in this Release

Fixes in this Release

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PC Transplant Solution uses its wizard-driven interface to capture a computer's personality—user accounts; desktop, network, and application settings; files; folders; and personal data. The solution then transplants the personality to another computer. You can transplant a personality through a self-extracting executable file called a Personality Package, or you can perform a real-time migration from one computer to another.

PC Transplant Solution simplifies the deployment and migration of new computers or Windows operating systems by facilitating the migration of data and settings. It complements existing desktop management tools, meeting an easily identified need that none of these tools currently address. With PC Transplant Solution, you can not only migrate to a new computer quickly and efficiently, but you can also transfer key aspects of a computer's personality on an on-going basis. PC Transplant Solution is an ideal solution for IT administrators, consultants, VARs, resellers, computer vendors, and configuration centers.

PC Transplant Solution is part of the following suites:

  • Altiris™ Client Management Suite from Symantec
    For release notes, see Knowledge Base article 40929.
  • Altiris™ Server Management Suite from Symantec
    For release notes, see Knowledge Base article 45893.

Features in this Release

This version includes the following features:

  • Support for Windows 7.
  • Support for EFS RAW. Added the -efsraw command-line switch to enable the RAW migration of EFS encryption.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
  • Support for PC Transplant Web Store installation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers.
  • Support for migration of power setting from Windows Vista to Windows Vista, Windows Vista to Windows 7, and Windows 7 to Windows 7.

Installation and Upgrade

This section provides information you should read before installing or upgrading PC Transplant Solution.


The following prerequisites are required for installing PC Transplant Solution.

Hardware Requirements

For best results, use the recommended minimum provided in the brackets.

PC Transplant Windows-based Utilities System Requirements
Windows XP
  • Pentium 300 MHz (400 MHz)
  • 128 MB (192 MB)
  • 64 MB free disk space (128 MB)
Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
  • 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of system memory
  • 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
  • Support for Super VGA graphics

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

Where to Download

PC Transplant Solution 6.8 SP3 is available with Deployment Solution 6.9 SP3.

You can download released versions of Altiris products from

New Installation

  1. Run PCTSetup.exe from the files downloaded from
  2. In the Language list of the Altiris PC Transplant Solution dialog, select the language for installation.
  3. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  4. On the Altiris Activation Key Wizard page, provide a valid activation key and click Next.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement. Click Next.
  6. On the Destination Folder page, select the location to install PC Transplant Solution and click Next.
  7. On the Ready to Install the Application page, click Next to install PC Transplant Solution.

Applying Licenses

Following are the steps to apply licenses to PCTWiz.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Start > Programs > Altiris > PCTransplant > Tools > Product License Utility.
    The Altiris License Activation Key Wizard appears.
  2. Browse and select the license key and click Next.
  3. On the Select Altiris Program Files to Activate dialog, click Add.
  4. Browse and select the PCTLic.dat file.
  5. Select Replace all existing license Activation Keys with this new Activation Key.
  6. Click Finish.

The new license is successfully applied.

Upgrade Issues

The following upgrade issues occur while installing PC Transplant Solution.

Application should be installed quietly from the command line on a Windows Vista computer.

Microsoft has provided guidelines to install applications on a Windows Vista computer.

According to Microsoft guidelines, you can install an application in the quiet mode on a Windows Vista computer using the Msiexec /I <Application installer package>.msi /qn FASTOEM=1 command line.

However, PC Transplant Solution installation fails if you use the FASTOEM=1 command line. So, use the following command line to run PC Transplant in the quiet mode by running the command prompt as an administrator:

PCTSetup.exe /qn INSTALLDIR="<install location>"

C:\Folder>PCTSetup.exe /qn INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Altiris\PCT"

When you use this command line, the Altiris PC Transplant Solution dialog appears. You have to select the installation language for PC Transplant Solution on this dialog. After you have selected the language, the setup continues in a quiet mode.

You can use the following command line to view the confirmation dialog at the end of installation. A message appears on the confirmation dialog telling you whether the installation was successful.

PCTSetup.exe /qn+ INSTALLDIR="<install location>"

PCTSetup.exe /qn+ INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Altiris\PCT"

Upgrade Steps

The following steps help you upgrade from 6.x:

  1. Run PCTSetup.exe.
  2. Select a language for installation.
    The setup automatically checks if an earlier version of PC Transplant Solution exists on the computer. The setup prompts you to install the existing version of PC Transplant Solution before proceeding further.
  3. Click Yes to uninstall the existing version.
    The normal installation begins after uninstalling the existing version.
  4. Click Next.

Known Issues in this Release

Known Issue
The following limitations apply to migrating your desktop settings:
  • For regional settings:
    • In the Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Regional Options > Standards and formats (drop-down box near the Customize Regional Options icon) path, these settings cannot be undone.
  • For Ease of Access Center:
    • Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) and prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.
  • For Power Settings
    • Migration of Power settings from Windows XP to Windows Vista and from Windows XP to Windows 7 is not supported.
Some of the Taskbar settings are not migrated.
On Windows 7, migrating any desktop setting to a newly created user installs the Luna theme.
Settings and data does not get captured if the package is saved on Web store.
The profile folder names for PCT created users are not created in proper format.
CNDN settings are not migrated.
When migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7, some of the Sound settings are not migrating.
Effects (Plus! settings) are not migrating.
The Windows shell settings are not migrated properly.
On Windows Vista and Windows 7, for PCT created users, the default shortcuts under the Links folder are not created at the first log in.
The Update Application Support prompt should not ask to download the present files into the Legacy Applications folder.
When you run a PCT package on a Japanese OS, PCT fails with an error.

Fixes in this Release

PCT Created users always default to Bliss wallpaper instead of the system default.
Files with multiple % characters in their name do not always have the correct name when deployed.
Saving the template from PCTWiz.exe does not work correctly if % characters are used in the file name.

Where to get more information

The product installation includes the following documentation:

Document Description Location

User’s Guide

Information about how to use this product, including detailed technical information and instructions for performing common tasks.

This information is available in PDF format.


Information about how to use this product. This information is the same as in the User’s Guide.

Help is available at the solution level and at the suite level.

This information is available in HTML help format.

The Documentation Library, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

Context-sensitive help is available for most screens in the Symantec Management Console.

You can open context-sensitive help in the following ways:

  • The F1 key
  • The Context command, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

For more information, you can use the following resources:

Resource Description Location

Symantec Management Platform Release Notes

Information about new features and important issues in the Symantec Management Platform.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

You can also search for the product name under Release Notes.

Installing the Symantec Management Platform products

Information about using Symantec Installation Manager to install the Symantec Management Platform products.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

Altiris 7 Planning and Implementation Guide

Information about capacity recommendations, design models, scenarios, test results, and optimization best practices to consider when planning or customizing an Altiris 7 Infrastructure for your organization.

This information is available as an article in the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

Articles, incidents, and issues about this product.

Symantec Connect (formerly Altiris Juice)

An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product.

Online Forums

Forums for users of this product.

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