Altiris™ Server Management Suite 7.0 SP1 Release Notes

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Server Management Suite 7.0 SP2 is now available. See article 50400.

Server Management Suite from Symantec is a collection of solutions that run on the Symantec Management Platform that help you manage your servers. 

This document contains the following topics:

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Components of Server Management Suite

Server Management Suite is a collection of solutions that run on the Symantec Management Platform.

Server Management Suite contains the following components. Click the links to view individual release notes for these components.

Component Description Link to release notes
Symantec Management Platform The Symantec Management Platform (formerly Notification Server) provides a set of services that IT-related solutions can leverage. By leveraging these services, the solutions that are built on the platform can focus on their unique tasks. They also can take advantage of the more general services that the platform provides. The platform services also provide a high degree of consistency between the solutions, so that users do not need to learn multiple product interfaces.

The platform and solutions of Server Managment Suite provide the following key features:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) - formerly known as the Altiris Database, a component of Altiris Notification Server
  • Altiris Agent
  • Network Discovery
  • Software Management Framework
  • Software Catalog
  • Definitive Software Library (DSL)
  • Task management
  • Alert management
  • Event Console
  • Connection (protocol) Profiles
Symantec Management Platform 7 Release notes

Release Notes for 7.0 SP2

Deployment Solution 6.9 SP3 Deployment Solution 6.9 helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, notebooks, and thin clients from a centralized location in your environment. Deployment Solution 6.9 is an easy-to-use, automated deployment solution. It offers OS deployment, configuration, PC personality migration, and software deployment across different hardware platforms and operating systems.

Server Managment Suite (SMS) includes licenses for Deployment Solution. Deployment Solution is not included in the SMS installation. However, you can download it separately from the page. Accept the export restrictions, and then login with your Symantec account credentials. After you ensure that your profile information is correct, all of the available versions of Deployment Solution are listed on the Software Download: Deployment Solution page. Choose the version that you want to download, and then click Download Now. You can then complete the installation process.

Server Managment Suite includes a license to run the Deployment Solution.
Release notes
Inventory Solution 7.0 SP1 Inventory Solution reduces the cost of identifying and managing heterogeneous devices throughout your enterprise. Easily track comprehensive hardware information, installed software packages, and operating system settings for all IT assets throughout their life cycle. Data is normalized, consolidated, and secured in a central repository, enabling detailed reporting of asset information from the convenience of a Web console. The solution's Application Metering feature lets you monitor applications as well as deny their use.

The ability to obtain and analyze accurate inventory data is an important part of managing and securing your network. Inventory Solution lets you gather inventory data about the computers, users, operating systems, and installed software applications in your environment. You can collect inventory data from the computers that run the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh.

The features of Application Management Solution 6.x are now included in Inventory Solution. Application metering lets you monitor and deny the usage of applications on your network.

The inventory data and metering data is stored in the Altiris CMDB database. After you gather inventory data or meter applications, you can analyze the data using predefined or custom reports.

Release notes
Inventory for Network Devices 7.0 SP1

Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory data from discovered devices in your network. This inventory is gathered from devices that are not managed through the Altiris Agent. Because a management agent is not required, this inventory is considered to be agentless.

Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory on the devices that are already discovered and exist as resources in the Symantec Management Platform’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Generally, you use Inventory for Network Devices to gather inventory on the devices that are discovered using the Network Discovery component of the Symantec Management Platform.

Release notes
Inventory Pack for Servers 7.0 Inventory Pack for Servers is a separate product with a separate license that gathers server-based inventory data from servers. It runs on top of Inventory Solution and uses the same Inventory plug-ins, tasks, and wizard. Release notes
Monitor Pack for Servers 7.0 SP1 Monitor Pack for Servers works with the Monitor Solution core components of the Symantec Management Platform. It lets you monitor operating system performance, services, and events of your Windows, Linux, or UNIX server environment. Release notes
Patch Management Solution 7.0 SP1 Patch Management Solution lets you scan computers for security vulnerabilities, report on the findings, and automate the downloading and distribution of needed Microsoft security patches. You can review and download specific patches from Microsoft, create filters of computers that require a specific patch, and apply the patch to the computers that need them.

Release notes

Patch Management Solution for Linux 7.0 Patch Management Solution for Linux lets you scan Red Hat and Novell Linux computers for security vulnerabilities. The solution then reports on the findings and lets you automate the downloading and distribution of needed errata, or software updates. This solution downloads the required patches and provides wizards to help you deploy them. During configuration, you can set up an automatic patch update schedule to ensure that managed computers are up-to-date and protected on an on-going basis.

Release notes

Real-Time System Manager 7.0 SP1

Real-Time System Manager lets you manage a single computer from the Symantec Management Console in real time. It remotely queries the computer for the information that certain remote management technologies collect. Real-Time System Manager supports the following remote management technologies: Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Alert Standards Format 2.0 (ASF), Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), and DASH.

With Real-Time System Manager, you can view detailed real-time information about the managed computer and remotely perform administrative tasks such as the following: restart the computer, reset the password, run a port scan, terminate a process, and more. Real-Time System Manager also lets you run some of the management tasks on a collection of computers immediately, or on a schedule.

Release notes
Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1

Software Management Solution provides intelligent, secure, and bandwidth-sensitive distribution and management of software from a central console. It leverages the Software Catalog and Software Library to ensure that the correct software gets installed, remains installed, and runs without interference from other software.

Software Management Solution supports software virtualization technology, which lets you install software into a virtual layer on the client computer. This virtualization helps to avoid conflicts between the delivered software and the other software that is on the computer. It also lets you reset a layer to restore a broken application to its original configuration.

Software Management Solution also lets end users directly download and install approved software or request other software.

Software Management Solution replaces the functionality of earlier versions of Software Delivery Solution, Application Management Solution, and portions of Software Virtualization Solution.

Release notes

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New features

Changes in Server Management Suite from 6.x to 7.0 SP1

  • The functions of Software Delivery Solution and Application Management Solution are combined in the new Software Management Solution.
  • The functions of Application Metering Solution are now included in Inventory Solution.
  • Inclusion of SVS application technology in Software Management Solution.
  • Deployment Solution for Clients is integrated into the Symantec Management Platform.
  • Real-Time System Management Solution is included in Server Management Suite.
  • Addition of Ghost Imaging Foundation (both DS 6.9, and 7.0)

Changes in Server Management Suite from 7.0 to 7.0 SP1

All components of Server Management Suite SP1 have been updated. For information about the new features of the solutions and components, see the individual release notes. To access the solution release notes, use the links that are in the Components of Server Management Suite section.

Installation and upgrade

Prerequisites and System Requirements

Server Managment Suite requires the Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP2 HotFix 2 to be installed on the Notification Server computer. It can be installed on any server that is acceptable for the Symantec Management Platform.

  • Notification Server 7.0 SP2 HotFix 2 (see KB article Release Notes)
Upgrade prerequisites
  • Notification Server 6.0 R8
  • Altiris Agent 6.0 SP3 or later
Supported Platforms
Category Supported platforms
Windows Client—Managed Platforms
  • XP (SP1/SP2/SP3) x64/x86
  • 2000 Workstation SP4 + rollups
  • Vista (RTM and SP1/SP2) x86/x64
Windows Server—Managed Platforms
  • 2000 Server SP4 + rollups
  • Server 2003 (SP1/SP2/R2) x64/x86
  • Server 2008 x64/x86

Note: If you want to manage NT 4 or earlier, you must maintain a 6.x Notification Server and run 6.x solutions.

SQL Server Support
  • SQL Server 2005 SP2 + Standard & Enterprise x64/x86
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP2

Note: A policy displays a warning when the system exceeds the number of supported nodes, or when unsupported solutions are run on SQL Express.

Windows Platforms—Notification Server Installations
  • Server 2003 (SP1/SP2/R2) x86

Note: Windows 2008 and Windows Vista are supported on managed computers only. They cannot be used on Notification Server or Task Server computers.

Windows Platforms—Site Server Installations
  • 2000 Server SP4 plus rollups
  • XP (SP2/SP3) x64/x86
  • Server 2003 (SP1/SP2/R2) x64/x86
  • Vista (all editions) (package server only)
  • Windows Server 2008 (package server only)
Windows Platforms and Browsers – NS Remote Console
  • Internet Explorer 7 (x86 only)


Both pre-HF18 and post-HF18 license type are supported (86)

Licenses are managed through the Symantec Installation Manager (see KB article 45732). Notification Server 6.0 format licenses are supported.

New Installation

The installation of Server Management Suite is managed through the Symantec Installation Manager. You can download the installation files directly to your server or create offline installation packages.

For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide (see KB article 45732).

Upgrade Issues

Issue Article ID

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade of Server Management Suite 6.x is managed through the Symantec Installation Manager when you upgrade a Notification Server 6.x computer. You can choose the solutions to upgrade during the upgrade process.

For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide.

Data Migration from Version 6.x

When you upgrade from Altiris 6.x to Symantec Management Platform 7.0, you can migrate your existing management data to the new version. The Symantec Installation Manager contains a Migration Wizard that guides you through the migration process.

The process for migrating Altiris 6.x data varies depending on the type of upgrade you perform, on-box or off-box. However, the main steps are the same as follows:

  • Use Symantec Installation Manager to install the upgrade on an existing Altiris 6 server (on-box) or on a new target server (off-box).
  • Export data from the Altiris 6 database to a data file.
  • Import data from the data file to the newly-installed Symantec Management Platform 7.

The Symantec Management Platform and each solution comes with a set of exporters and a corresponding set of importers. These migration exporters and importers let you define what data is migrated. If an exporter or importer is not defined for a set of data, then that data set cannot be migrated.

For more information about performing a data migration, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide.

For more information about migrating solution-specific data, see the release notes and the Help for the individual suites and solutions. To access the solution release notes, use the links that are in the Components of Server Managment Suite section.

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Known Issues in this Release

For information about the known issues of the 7.0 SP1 solutions and components, see the individual release notes. To access the solution release notes, follow the links that are in the Components of Server Management Suite section.

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, click the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID

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Where to get more information

The product installation includes the following documentation:

Document Description Location

User’s Guide

Information about how to use this product, including detailed technical information and instructions for performing common tasks.

This information is available in PDF format.


Information about how to use this product. This information is the same as in the User’s Guide.

Help is available at the solution level and at the suite level.

This information is available in HTML help format.

The Documentation Library, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

Context-sensitive help is available for most screens in the Symantec Management Console.

You can open context-sensitive help in the following ways:

  • The F1 key.
  • The Context command, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

For more information, you can use the following resources:

Resource Description Location

Implementation Guide

Information about how to install, configure, and implement this product.

This information is available in PDF format.

Symantec Management Platform Release Notes

Information about new features and important issues in the Symantec Management Platform.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

You can also search for the product name under Release Notes.

Installing the Symantec Management Platform products

Information about using Symantec Installation Manager to install the Symantec Management Platform products.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

Altiris 7 Planning and Implementation Guide

Information about capacity recommendations, design models, scenarios, test results, and optimization best practices to consider when planning or customizing an Altiris 7 Infrastructure for your organization.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

Knowledge Base

Articles, incidents, and issues about this product.

Symantec Connect (formerly the Altiris Juice)

An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product.

Online Forums

Forums for users of this product.

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