Workflow 7.0 Service Pack release notes

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 Fix #  Description
 21385  Add Read Only Property to Multi Line text box web control
 21543  Add OU selection to the installer and AD sync for Process Manager users
 21587  Encrypt user admin password in web.config for Process Manager
 21561  SQL Table generator did not persist name changes after saving
 21593  Fixed property version number on workflow .exe file

 iPhone compatibility for mobile phones

 20969  Word to PDF fix where insert action used with hard returns in a table
 21504  Imap component sending and email formatting into process
 21505  Pop3 component sending email formatting into process
 21583  Apostrophe in name causing error in search user

 NSE for Workflow Server Report was expecting Process Manager to be installed

 21306  Standard Report not showing data for second joined table - Profile filters

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